Our cultural tip for February 2022


„We Must Be Mistaken“ is a performative film project. Two different life worlds and their reaction to filter bubbles in online spheres are shown.

Finally, a new cultural tip! 
For this February, we recommend "We Must Be Mistaken", a performative film project about echo chambers in online spheres. While some long for a world without inequalities, others share bitter memes in defence of "freedom of speech" and patriarchal positions of power. A conflict develops between the two filter bubbles, although the characters of both worlds never meet directly. 

The lecture "Tradwives and Softbois" with Dr Catherine Tebaldi, USA, on 26 February and the reading "Revenge/Zorn" with Lena Kristina Schmidt, DE, on 27 February complete the exhibition. Start is 6 pm in each case.

  • Johanna Maj Schmidt & Charlotte Ruppert
  • Exhibition: until 27.02.2022, Fri.-Sun.: 2.00 – 6.00 p.m.
  • Galerie KUB, Kantstraße 18, 04275 Leipzig