Now More Than Ever: Apply for BAföG!


Increased rates and corona related loss of earnings: It is now even more attractive to apply for BAföG // Do not forget: No matter if applying for the first-time or for follow-up funding, submit your application in time!

Corona crisis on your bank account? Difficulties with finding part-time jobs? Less support from your family due to short-time work or other income losses? Studentenwerk Leipzig recommends:


And: More BAföG for more students in the winter semester 2020/21!

Last year there was a considerable increase in BAföG. And rates will increase even further in the 2020/21 winter semester:

  • The maximum BAföG rate increases to 752 EUR for students under 25, to 861 EUR for students under 30 and to 941 EUR for students over 30.
  • Parents' income allowances will be increased. Parents are allowed to have a 10 % higher income in comparison to winter semester 18/19 before it is credited against BAföG benefits
  • 50 % are a gift, only a maximum of 10.010 € have to be paid back 
  • Students are allowed to own an amount of 8,200 € (e.g. in a savings book, or in form of their own car) without it being taken into account.
  • You may have a part-time job, receive the Deutschalndstipendum or an KfW loan while receiving BAföG.

And please remember to apply for BAföG in time! Even if the lecture period is postponed due to the corona pandemic, the application must be submitted to the Department for Grants no later than the month in which the new semester begins. An informal application is also sufficient to meet the deadline. The required documents (forms, rental contract, bank statements, etc.) can and should then be submitted as soon as possible.