New Regulation on Emergency Childcare for Student Parents

Kinderbetreuung Notbetreuung

In accordance with the new Saxonian Corona Protection Ordinance, student parents can make use of emergency childcare in valid cases of need, such as exam preparation.

Until presumably 14 February 2021, only emergency childcarecare can be provided in valid cases of need. In accordance with the Saxonian Corona Protection Ordinance of 26 January 2021, students with children can make use of emergency care for their children under certain conditions.

More specifically, it must be verified that childcare at home is not possible due to exam preparation or an exam being taken and that care cannot be provided by the other person(s) entitled to care for the child (see § 5a, paragraph 4, number 4).

Students who meet these criteria can apply to the study/examination office of their university using this form for proving their need. If you have any further questions, our Social Counselling Service is happy to help.