New Photo exhibition from November

Titelbild der Fotoausstellung "Beauty of Japan" im Studentenwerk Leipzig, Fotograf Martin Andreas Arendt

Starting in November 2022, Martin Andreas Arendt will be exhibiting his photographs depicting „Beauty of Japan“ in the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Martin Andreas Arendt recently switched to theatre studies after six semesters of Japanese studies and describes himself as a Japan and photography enthusiast. In his current exhibition "Beauty of Japan" at the Studentenwerk Leipzig, he focuses on the unusual and unique, beyond the ever-similar depictions of familiar sightseeing motifs. This includes aerial photographs captured by drones.

Arendt travelled to Japan for the first time in 2010. During a further 15 trips and two long-term stays in the form of a working holiday and a semester abroad, more than 60,000 photographs, two illustrated books and various calendar projects were created. The focus for Arendt is "sharing impressions and stories but also inspiration for others interested in Japan." 

The photographs will be on display in the corridors of the first and second floors of the Studentenwerk Leipzig (Goethestr. 6) until the end of January 2023.

Interested in having your own photo exhibition?

Students who would like to show their photographs in an exhibition are welcome to apply to Studentenwerk Leipzig. 24 frames sized 59.4 x 84 cm each can be shown in the exhibition spaces in the hallways of the 1st and 2nd floor at Goethestraße 6. The exhibitions are usually shown for two months.

The exhibitions are financed by Studentenwerk Leipzig's Cultural Funding.

The student photographers must be enrolled in one of the eight Leipzig Universities/Academies, which are associated with the Studentenwerk Leipzig, for the whole course of the exhibition.