New furniture in Cafeteria am Elsterbecken

Friendly and cozy: Cafeteria am Elsterbecken got new furniture and was reopened in January 2020.
Neue Möblierung in der Cafeteria Elsterbecken

As you all know, January brings a number of changes, for example for the Cafeteria of Mensa am Elsterbecken. The interior has been rearanged and given a new coat of paint. The natural and harmonic colours make the Cafeteria look warm and friendly. But see for yourself and try out the new chairs and cushioned benches over a cozy cup of tea.

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Due to its refurbishment Cafeteria am Sportcampus had to stay closed in December. It was possible to complete the construction work in the scheduled period of time. This measure was made possible by an investment grant from the state of Saxony amounting to €150.000.

Since January 2020 the Cafeteria is again open to students and guests, offering its usual selection.