New coffee vending machines in the Mensa Academica – one of them entirely plant-based


Good news: Alternative to cow’s milk in coffee drinks from the vending machine now available in the Mensa Academica

Just in time for the opening in the new year, the Mensa Academica has new coffee vending machines, one of which runs entirely on oat drink. Cappuccinos and other coffee drinks prepared with the machine are therefore purely vegetable. Of course, the coffee is fair trade – as in all our student restaurants and cafeterias. 

The pros of oat drink?

  • Climate protection: The “production” of cow's milk, or more precisely factory farming and industrial agriculture behind it, damages the environment and the climate. The majority of climate-damaging emissions is already produced in the cow's digestive system. The feed production, however, also plays a significant part. The production of one liter of cow's milk has an average global impact on the climate of around 2.4 kg of carbon dioxide; the same amount is produced by burning one liter of petrol. In Europe, the climate impact of one liter of cow's milk corresponds to about 1.3 kg of carbon dioxide. That does not take into account the emissions caused by transport, processing and storage of the milk in dairies and retail outlets (source: Albert Schweitzer Foundation). The production of 1 liter of oat drink causes 0.5 kg of CO2.
  • Environmental protection: Oat drink can be produced locally and cultivation requires little water (compared to rice/almond drink) and energy. Regional production results in fewer transport emissions. In addition, oats have the least impact on ocean acidification.
  • Animal welfare: Oat drink is 100% plant-based.
  • Health: Oat drink contains no cholesterol, but almost as many calories as cow's milk. Therefore, oat drink fills you up for a long time and helps diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels stable. The milk substitute does not contain lactose or milk protein and is therefore suitable for people who cannot tolerate milk components.
  • Enjoyment: Oat drink contains natural sugar from the oats and makes the coffee taste sweet and malty. The milk is foamed perfectly in the barista machine. There are no flakes when it is poured into the coffee.