New and improved tool for student jobs is online now


Studentenwerk Leipzig’s Student Job Office shines in new online splendor with improved user-friendliness, reliable contact options, quick evaluations, current job offers, transparent guidenlines and much more!

Right after its 30th anniversary in 2022, the Student Job Office now shines in a new online look. The relaunch comes with lots of improvements regarding user-friendliness and clarity to facilitate the job search for Leipzig students.

Students looking for a job can filter the new page by different categories – from working in a private household to a scientific activity. This is how they adjust the type of occupation according to their needs, whether it is a day job or a working student contract. Furthermore, the registration for students has become less complicated. After registration, you can book an appointment to unlock your profile and immediately start with the job search via our improved job tool. Clear guidenlines and general information for students and employers are designed to enhance transparency.

The contacting and placement processes have become more reliable, too. Students can cancel job offers that they are not interested in via their profile to make room for other potential applicants. Employers can control this process via their account and are thus always up-to-date. To further increase quality standards, the employers' evaluation is now possible faster and less complicated via the student account.

Although placements are carried out digitally, the employees of the Student Job Office are constantly working on examining job offers caferully and keeping the job website up-to-date behind the scenes. A job offer is never older than three weeks. This guarantees currency and quality.

It would be the best to gain your own experience with the improved job tool and start the search for a suitable student job right now: