More BAföG for More Students as of Winter Semester 2016/17

Das neue BAföG

Resulting from the BAföG amendment in 2016, the maximum rates increase, so that it is worth for even more students to apply.

More BAföG for more students: As of winter semester 2016/17, the chances to be granted BAföG increase noticeably. The reason: The maximum BAföG rate rises by seven percent and higher amounts of exemption apply. What does that mean in detail? Because of the higher amounts of exemption, parents and students may have higher incomes than before, without this being taken into account for the BAföG calculation. This increases the chances to be granted BAföG considerably even for medium incomes. Applying may be worth it – not only for beginners, but for all students. For more information on BAFöG improvements, please refer to our pages on the new BAföG.