Mensa am Park switches to sustainable reusable tableware

Reusable replaces disposable: From 20 September 2021, food and drinks at the Mensa & Cafeteria am Park will only be available in reusable dishes.
Smoothie Bowl in einer Mitnahme-Box von Relevo

Reusable replaces disposable 

From Monday, 20 September 2021, we will be introducing a reusable system in the Mensa and Cafeteria am Park together with our partner Relevo. Relevo has developed a simple, ecological and affordable system that allows us and our guests to save on packaging waste. Step by step, we want to go from using disposable tableware to a more sustainable solution.

For now, borrowing and returning the reusable no-deposit tableware will only be possible at the Mensa and Cafeteria am Park, where there will be no more disposable tableware available from Monday. With one exception, all dishes, salads, soups, bowls, desserts, and hot drinks can be taken away. Only smoothies will be served in disposable cups for the time being.

This is how it works

  1. Registration: Download the Relevo app from Google Play or the App Store and register for free.
    Registration is necessary as it is the only way the system recognizes that you are participating and which returnable containers you have borrowed. Only that personal data will be collected that is absolutely necessary for taking part in the reusable system. Further information on data protection is available on the Relevo website. Studentenwerk Leipzig itself does not collect any personal data. Neither do we have access to the data processed through the registration process in the app.
  2. Order: Open the app & have food or drinks served on site in Relevo’s reusable tableware
  3. Borrow: Scan the QR code on the dishes & show the scan confirmation on your smartphone
  4. Enjoy: Enjoy your food with a clear conscience wherever you like
  5. Return: Return dishes to any of Relevo’s partners* within 14 days
    Return is confirmed by scanning the QR codes provided on the posters.


    There are no costs for users of the reusable system as long as they return the dishes within 14 days. During these two weeks, they will be reminded of the return deadline several times in the app and by email. Afterwards, Relevo charges 10 Euro for a bowl and 5 Euro for a cup not returned on time, because if they are not returned, they are considered purchased. That is to enable a continuous cycle: After all, the bowls and cups should not pile up at home, as they are then missing again in the Mensa or Cafeteria.

    Studentenwerk Leipzig charges its guests a surcharge for food and drinks in disposable dishes that are taken away (apart from exceptions due to pandemics). We deliberately want to offer the reusable system free of charge, even if it means more work and additional costs for us. Therefore, Studentenwerk Leipzig pays the rental fees for the Relevo boxes and cups.

    Important information on registration 

    Guests who would like to make use of the takeaway offer in the Mensa and Cafeteria am Park should download and register to the Relevo app in good time. From September 20, 2021, only the returnable system will be available at both facilities!

    ➜ Registration in the Google Play app

    ➜ Registration in the App Store app

    Fun facts

    • The bowls and cups have survived our own field test. They are very stable, leak-proof, and heat-resistant.
    • The returnable tableware can be reused over 1,000 times.
    • The dishes, including the lids, can be 100% recycled and made into new products when they have done their job.

    * Currently, Mensa am Park is the only provider in Leipzig. On Relevo’s website you can see their current gastronomic partners all over Germany.

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    We appreciate your opinion

    Introducing the reusable system is also a challenge for our Mensa team. Please excuse any inconvenience if not everything goes according to plan from the start. Feedback is welcome, for example via our social media channels or by email to lob-und-kritik {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.

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