Mensa am Elsterbecken: Expansion of the Reusable System

It goes on: From 01 February 2022, the Mensa am Elsterbecken will also be offering food & hot drinks in environmentally friendly reusable containers!
Mehrweggeschirr von Relevo

Mensa food to go: simple & environmentally friendly

On Tuesday, 1 February 2022, we will introduce the reusable solution in the refectory at the Mensa am Elsterbecken with our partner Relevo. Students and employees of the Sportwissenschaftliche Fakultät at the Universität Leipzig and the HHL will be particularly pleased about this. Relevo has developed a simple, ecological and inexpensive system that allows us to save on packaging waste. The more sustainable alternative to disposable tableware has already proven itself in the Mensa and Cafeteria am Park and Mensa and Cafeteria am Medizincampus.

How it works

The reusable containers can be borrowed and returned by using an app. The app generates a QR code that is presented at the checkout. 
The use of the system is free of charge and deposit. Costs are only incurred if the dishes are not returned within 14 days. 

Any questions? You can find detailed information on how the system works in the FAQs: 

Questions & Answers on the reusable system


Our guests who would like to take advantage of the takeaway offer in the Mensa and Cafeteria am Medizinincampus should download the Relevo app in good time and register.

➜ Registration in the Google Play App

➜ Registration in the App Store 


The loan and return of the deposit-free reusable tableware will be possible in all facilities where we have offered the reusable system so far:

We ask our guests to make sure that Relevo dishes are clean if they cannot be returned the same day. Otherwise mould can quickly form on leftover food.

Sustainability in our Mensas and Cafeterias

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