Join in: Research project for international students


All international students, starting their Bachelors or state examination degree at Uni Leipzig this winter semester can join the “SpraStu – Sprache und Studienerfolg” research project, earn €80 and, if they are in luck, win a prize.

As of now international students of Leipzig University in their first semester 19/20 (Bachelor or State Examination) can join SpraStu, support research at University of Leipzig and win! For participation, there is an expanse allowance of €80! You can find more information on the facebook page of SpraStu.

Students who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification abroad often have a harder time at a German university then their German peers. The reasons for that have not been sufficiently researched so far, however often a link to language skills is assumed.

The “Sprache and Studienerfolg” research program has been analyzing the challenges that international students are meeting, studying in a foreign language, since winter semester 17/18. The research program is conducted by the Herder-Institute of the University of Leipzig (under the direction of Dr. Katrin Wisniewski) and is running till October 2020.

International Students starting their degree in winter semester 19/20 at University of Leipzig can participate in this research project and win prizes. Among all participants for example an Apple iPad, concert tickets and books that will facilitate studying, will be raffled. In addition, every participant earns €80. Participation includes answering various questionnaires and solving language tasks. 

More detailed information on the project and the possibility of participating can be found on the website of the project.