Information on price adjustments


Big and medium salads as well as the grill platter at our Mensas have been adjusted in terms of price.

Starting from 1 August, the prices for big and medium salads will increase in all the Studentenwerk Leipzig's Mensas. However, the prices for a small salad will stay the same. Students are now asked to pay 2.85 euros instead of 2.20 euros for a medium salad and 4.80 euros instead of 2.90 euros for a big one. For staff members, a medium salad now costs 4.30 euros and a big salad 6.50 euros. The price for the small salad remains unchanged at 1.60 euros for students and 2.45 euros for staff members.

The grill platter is also affected by a price increase. It will cost 2.85 euros for students and 3.80 euros for staff members now. The reason for the price adjustments lies in increasing costs of goods as well as in high personnel expenses. To mention an example, the salads at Studentenwerk are produced mainly in manual work.