Information on the Deutschlandticket


The German Bundesrat has decided on the Deutschlandticket. Students who already own the semester ticket can book an additional upgrade.

The Deutschlandticket can be purchased from 3 April and is valid throughout the whole country on local transport from 1 May.

The Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) are offering an upgrade function to students owning a semester ticket. The following amounts are then to be paid proportionally per month:

  • 21.50 euros for the months of summer semester 2023
  • 19.83 euros for the months of winter semester 2023/24

This is how the monthly amount for the upgrade comes about for the summer semester 2023:

  • Semesterticket for summer semester 2023: 165€
  • monthly costs for semester ticket: 165€/6 months = 27,50 €
  • extra charge to be paid if 49€ ticket is bought for one month: 49€ – 27,50€ = 21,50€

It is possible to cancel the upgrade on a monthly basis. You can buy it in the LVB's customer portal.

All information from the LVB have been gathered in the following guideline (only available in German):