How sustainable is Studentenwerk?


Information series on our Instagram channel: how we act sustainable and responsibly. We will answer questions on topics like fair trade, reusable materials, green energy, what happens to leftovers in the Mensa and on whatever else is on your mind.

Students regularly ask us critical questions about sustainability issues such as to-go coffee cups, food leftovers, recycling, vegetarian foods, etc. Especially concerning our Mensas and Cafetarias:

  • "Why is there only vegetarian food in the Mensa on certain days?
  • "Why do you still have plastic cups?" (Spoiler: We do not!)
  • "How much food from the Mensa ends up in the garbage every day?"

We answer these and other questions in our information series in social media, because sustainable and responsible action is important to us. What the Studentenwerk's Mensas and Cafeterias do and offer in detail is explained in individual articles on Instagram and Facebook.