Full Mobility for Leipzig’s Students Secured


Studentenwerk Leipzig and public transport companies renew MDV semester ticket contract

L to R.: Franz Hempel, President of the Semester Ticket Comittee at Studentenwerk Leipzig and speaker for sustainable mobility at the student council of Leipzig University; Steffen Lehmann, Managing Director Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund, Dr. Andrea Diekhof, Managing Director Studentenwerk Leipzig, Dr. Wolfgang Weinhold, DB Regio Head of the South East Regional Management; Ulf Middelberg, Managing Director LVB

On 26 March 2019, the contract for the MDV semester ticket—valid throughout the MDV transportation network—was renewed by Studentenwerk Leipzig, the Central German Transportation Association (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsbund – MDV) and their associated transportation companies for another five years. About 39,000 students of the eight universities and academies in Leipzig, that are covered by Studentenwerk Leipzig, benefit from the completely solidary ticket which is valid for numerous public transport services.

Since students in Leipzig used public transport with the MDV semester ticket much more often than expected and costed out since 2014, a drastic price increase was inevitable. As a result, the required price increase is spread over the five-year period of the new contract with an annual price increase of 10.00 EUR. Starting in winter semester 2019/20, Leipzig students pay 135.00 EUR per semester. The amount then increases by 10.00 EUR annually resulting in a total of 175.00 EUR for each semester from summer semester 2024. This corresponds to a monthly ticket price of 22.50 EUR at the beginning of the new contract period and 29.17 EUR at the end. For comparison: The ABO Basis ticket for Leipzig from the regular MDV tariff offer costs 59.90 EUR per month.

The negotiations on the continuation of the semester ticket between MDV and Studentenwerk Leipzig as signatories for the student bodies began in the first quarter of 2018. They had become necessary as the existing contract expires at the end of the summer semester in September 2019. By involving the semester ticket committee of Studentenwerk Leipzig in the extension negotiations and by regularly providing feedback to the student representatives and university management of the eight universities and academies in Leipzig, it was ensured that the student’s interests were represented in the process.

Special emphasis lies on the completely solidary character of the MDV semester ticket. Every student pays a compulsory contribution irrespective of their individual need or actual use of public transport. Thus the semester ticket can be provided at this price. As a result, not only the solidary community as a whole but also students who are dependent on public transport and are financially weaker than their peers benefit particularly from it.

The MDV semester ticket includes services from all transport companies within the area covered by the Central German Transportation Association (tariff valid as of 1 August 2019). Apart from the inner-city means of transport in Leipzig and Halle, numerous regional transport connections are included. Students can also use the car and bike sharing services of “Leipzig mobil” at a reduced price.