Don’t forget to extend your Mensa Children’s Card!


Please extend Mensa Children’s Cards as soon as possible. Cards whose validity has not been extended will be cancelled at the end of November!

Studentenwerk Leipzig support students with children by means of the Mensa Children’s Card. This card entitles children of students enrolled at Leipzig’s universities and academies, starting from their first birthday until they reach the age of 10, to receive one free warm meal per day and per child. For these meals, Studentenwerk Leipzig provides special children’s plates in all facilities.

To those who already hold a Mensa Children’s Card, please keep in mind: The validity of the Mensa Children's Card is limited to one semester at a time. At the end of the semester, the current certificate of enrolment or the current student ID card must be presented for extension of validity.

You are welcome to present the requested document during the open consultation hours of our Social Counselling department. At the same time, this could be an opportunity to ask our social counsellors a couple of questions.

You could also send a copy of your certificate of enrolment or your student ID card to or hand-in the supporting document during the opening hours of SSZ, Goethestraße 6 at desk 5.