Do-It-Yourself Repair Shop Radschlag Reopening Under Restrictions

Fahrradselbsthilfewerkstätten Mobilität

After remodelling measures to comply with hygiene requirements, the do-it-yourself repair shop will be opening again as of Monday, 1 March.

Our do-it-yourself bicycle repair shop "Radschlag" reopens on Monday, 1 March, with slight restrictions on the usual services.

In order to comply with the current hygiene requirements and distance regulations, the shop has been rebuilt and adapted to the new situation during the last months. In order to quickly respond to the respective requirements, the distance between the workplaces can now be adjusted by sliding walls. Currently, four to five workplaces can be used.
But the reconstruction also has a number of advantages for you: Each workstation now has its own tool wall as well as a compartment for equipment and hardware and even a space for your mobile phones or tablets to watch technical tutorials during the repair.

The bicycle self-help repair workshop "Radschlag" is now open on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m.