The Dining Halls in most of our Mensas & Cafeterias are Opening

Speisesaal Mensa Peterssteinweg Leipzig

As of Monday, 21 June 2021, it is once again possible to eat inside our Mensas and Cafeterias. The infection protection measures and hygiene rules must be observed at all times.

In recognition of the improved pandemic situation, and the associated easing of restrictions, the majority of our Mensas and Cafeterias will be opening their dining halls from Monday 21 June onwards. Recently, outdoor seating has already been reopened for on-site eating at facilities that offer takeaway food and beverages.

After a careful evaluation, the following Mensas and Cafeterias will now also resume their regular business as of Monday:

  • Mensa & Cafeteria am Medizincampus
  • Mensa Peterssteinweg
  • Mensaria am Botanischen Garten
  • Mensa am Elsterbecken
  • Cafeteria am Park (large dining room, food is served via the Cafeteria)
  • Cafeteria Dittrichring
  • Cafeteria im Musikviertel

The Mensa Schönauer Straße will also join on 1 July. The Mensa am Park, the Mensa Academica and the Mensa and Cafeteria an den Tierkliniken will stay closed for the time being.

Things our guests need to keep in mind when visiting our facilities from 21 June onwards:

In general, it is absolutely necessary that all guests follow the specified hygiene and behavioural rules in the outdoor seating areas as well as in the rooms of the Mensas and Cafeterias, which we are forced to observe. In case of non-compliance, the health authorities may restrict the offer of our Mensas and Cafeterias to takeaway meals only again.

  • Contact tracing is required when eating in the dining hall. This is possible analogously or via a QR code (Corona Warn App).
  • Please use only the designated seating and leave all tables and chairs in place.
  • Seats may only be used while eating.
  • There will still be a takeaway option.

Standard hygiene rules such as keeping your distance and wearing an FFP2 or medical mask until you reach your seats still apply.