Coronavirus: Effects on the services of the Studentenwerk Leipzig

Please check regularly on the subpages of our individual facilities and offers for information on possible restrictions and updates!

    In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Studentenwerk Leipzig has decided on a number of measures that will lead to restrictions on our services. On this page we inform you about the effects and update the information regularly. Please also consult our website directly and check the subpages of the respective institutions and offers to see if there are any restrictions. 

    Update 14 July 2020

    • The Studentenwerk Leipzig (including the department for grants) is currently and until further notice only available by telephone or e-mail during the office hours due to Covid-19. Please seek direct contact to the person responsible for you. You will find all contacts regarding BAföG listed alphabetically and by area of responsibility on our overview page. Contacts for all questions concerning student housing can be found either (while logged in) in your rental account or on the web page of the respective student hall of residence. For all other counselling services, please note the latest info boxes (in orange) on the respective pages.

    Update 8 July 2020

    • Today we will reopen our Mensa and Cafeteria Academica for the upcoming exams. From 8 July to 31 July 2020 there will be a limited Mensa offer and special infection protection measures will apply.  From 8 July on it will be open to students of the HTWK and from 13 July on to students of all universities/academies.  On 31 July 2020, after the exams at HTWK end the facility will close again.

    Update 29 June 2020

    • We will reopen our Mensa and Cafeteria Academica for the upcoming exams. From 8 July to 31 July 2020 there will be a limited Mensa offer and special infection protection measures will apply. The Cafeteria will open from 09.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., the Mensa will provide warm lunch from 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

    Update 24 June 2020

    • The bridging assistance for students in pandemic related emergency situations can be applied for online since 16 June 2020. According to the present state of planning by Deutsches Studentenwerk, the student service organisation responsible will begin processing the applications submitted for June and the concluding payment from 29 June 2020. The training courses for our staff will be running until 26 June. The project as a whole poses an enormous technical and organisational challenge for all of us, which needs to be dealt with on short notice. We are doing our utmost to make sure that the students will receive their bridging assistance.

    Update 22 June 2020

    • Since Leipzig University has not yet resumed lectures on the main campus and access is not possible, the Mensa am Park will remain closed until further notice. Alternatively, the Cafeteria am Park is opened again since 25 May. There is a small selection of lunches and a limited Cafeteria offer. The entrance is located opposite the Moritzbastei. The Cafeteria uses the dining hall of Mensa am Park. Since we are currently renewing the tableware belts there, we will have to close the dining hall until presumably the end of July. We therefore kindly ask you to collect the used cutlery and dishes in the dish carts.

    Update 16 June 2020

    • As of now, students who are in a financial emergency situation as a result of the Corona pandemic can apply for bridging assistance from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). For technical reasons, applications can only be processed and reviewed and payments can only be made from 25 June 2020 onwards. You can find further information on the website of the BMBF and on our website.

    Apply for bridging assistance now!

    Update 15 June 2020

    • The BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is providing interim aid for students in pandemic related emergency situations. Today at 1.00 p.m., the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Anja Karliczek, and the Secretary General of the German Studentenwerk Achim Meyer auf der Heyde, will appear before the press together. They will announce that from Tuesday, 16 June 2020 it will be possible to apply for the BMBF's interim aid online via the newly created portal For technical reasons, we will only be able to process and assess the applications and initiate payments after 25 June 2020.

      Further information on this can be found on the website of the BMBF and on our website.

    Update 28 May 2020

    • The current situation on the job market is not easy, especially for students who work alongside studying. Therefore it is best to contact our Student Job Office directly! 
    • If you are thinking about taking a semester off or are currently on leave of absence and have a working student contract, there are a few things you should consider! Working student contracts lose their benefits in a vacation semester. For individual advice, please contact our Social Counselling Service directly.

    Update 25 May 2020

    Please make sure to follow the applying rules of conduct and hygiene measures.

    Update 19 May 2020

    • All information about the reopening of some of our Mensas and Cafeterias on 25 May can be found on our website.
    • Due to the many requests we have received, we would like to remind you that our counsellors in the different departments will continue to be available only contactlessly (by telephone or e-mail) during their office hours. Personal consultations are currently not taking place.

    Update 14 May 2020

    • Starting from 25 May, certain Mensas and Cafeterias will reopen - special infection protection measures according to a hygiene concept will apply. Details will be published shortly on our website. 

    Update 6 May 2020

    • According to the latest general decree of the Free State of Saxony, students are now also included in the group of those who are entitled to send their children to the emergency day care centre. Our Social Counselling Service has collected detailed information here.

    Update 5 May 2020

    • Due to the amended general decree of the Free State of Saxony, the Mensas and Cafeterias of Studentenwerk Leipzig will remain closed until 20 May 2020.

    Update 4 May

    Update 29 April

    Update 23 April 2020

    • Are you still looking for a inexpensive room close to the university for the summer semester? You are in luck: we still have a few free rooms at the moment. The best way is to get an impression of our student halls of residence is to visit our website and apply online directly!
    • The cultural funding department of the Studentenwerk Leipzig is still accepting applications for your projects, even though it is not yet predictable when the planned projects can be realized.

    Update 21 April 2020

    • The closure of our Mensas and Cafeterias will be extended until 4 May 2020 due to the new Corona Protection Decree of the State of Saxony.

    Update 15 April 2020 

    • Our psychosocial counselling service has collected extensive material and tips on the following topics to help you get through the Corona time well, especially mentally:
      \ Tips for organising your daily routine 
      \ Managing university tasks in a structured way
      \ Tips for staying at home with children during the corona crisi
      \ Tips on mindfulness 
      \ Initial help for dealing with (negative) feelings
      \ List of pleasant activities to do at home

    Useful tips for organizing everyday life in times of Coronavirus

    Update 8 April 2020

    Update 7 April 2020

    • Unfortunately our Mensas and Cafeterias have to remain closed at the moment. To make sure that our guests still don't have to do without delicious food, we now want to share some of our recipes for cooking at home. The first recipe on the list is: Chickpea fry-up with Halloumi.

    Update 3 April 2020

    • Less financial support from your parents, part-time job gone? We recommend you apply for BAföG now! We have some tips for students whose financial situation has worsened due to the Corona pandemic.

    Update 2 April  2020

    •  If you are affected by loss of job, missing or low income or financial concerns and have questions about financing options, please contact our social counselling service. The social counselling service is the point of contact for all students for topics concerning studies, money, residence matters and family. We have gathered answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQs (German version).

    Update 27 March

    • Due to many requests about the procedure of controls of the MDV semester ticket as of 1 April ( also see the update from 24 March), we would like to point out, that According to MDV it is sufficient to show your student ID with the old semester imprint, an official photo ID and the certificate of enrollment on your cellular device. The certificate of enrollment does not have to be printed out.

    Update 25 March

    • A reminder for the students who live in our student halls of residence: This is not the time for corona parties, joint film or game nights. Please protect yourself and especially others. Stick to the rules and avoid contact outside your shared flat! In the state of Saxony a contact ban has been in effect since Monday, group gatherings, even in dormitories, are therefore illegal! You can find information on the general regulations of the Free State of Saxony on the following website:

    Update 24 March 

    • Information on the MDV semester ticket: Due to the closing of the universities, many validation machines for student ID cards are currently no longer accessible. The MDV has therefore adopted the following regulations until further notice. As of 1 April 2020, the MDV semester ticket will be valid:

    - If the student ID card has an imprint of the past semester, the confirmation of enrollment for summer semester 2020 must be presented in case of control.
    - If the current semester is printed on the ticket, the check is carried out as usual.
    - In addition, the student's official photo ID must always be presented.

    Update 23 March

    • The handing out of transitional semester tickets as well as the transitional Mensa Cards for international students will be postponed to a later date due to the closing of the SSZ. We will inform you about details as soon as possible. 

    Update 20 March

    • Due to the current situation, we have doubled the data volume available in our student halls of residence for the months of March to June to 600 GB per month. Further we would like to point out again that the studNET consultation hours will be cancelled until further notice. Instead, the telephone hotline is available daily from 8.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

    Update 18 March 

    • All Mensas and Cafeterias will stay closed from today, 18 March 2020 until presumably 20 April 2020. The reason is the general decree of the Free State of Saxony.
    • Further we would like to emphasize again that the BAföG payment for April is secured. The postponement of the start of summer semester 2020 will in no way affect BAföG entitlement. If you have any questions, please contact your personal counsellor by e-mail or telephone.

    Update 17 March

    • Our writing lab (usually taking place on Fridays) will be cancelled for the time being. 
    • Mensa Schönauer Straße will not stop operating, but will be open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
    • The open office hours of our tutors as well as the opening hours of the tableware exchange will be suspended until further notice. Also all events organised by the tutors are cancelled. The tutors can still be contacted bytutoren {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de ( e-mail) and via Facebook.
    • If you have any questions regarding the exemption from and repayment of semester fees, please contact us by phone during the usual office hours at +49 341 9659 665. Personal office hours will be suspended until further notice.

    Update 16 March

    Student Housing 

    • The office hours of the caretakers and housing officers will be cancelled until further notice. They can still be contacted by e-mail and telephone during office hours.
    • Inspections and tests already planned in the residential units will be postponed (e.g. kitchen and bathroom inspections, drinking water flushing and sampling, testing of smoke alarms and fire dampers), the regular inspection this year is to take place at a later date.
    • All common rooms including the fitness rooms will be closed until further notice.
    • The student clubs will close on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 and all planned events will be cancelled.
    • The studNET office hours on Tuesdays will be cancelled. Instead, we will extend the consultation hours of the telephone hotline daily from 08.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

    BAföG & Finances

    • As the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has announced by decree, the postponement of the start of lectures has no effect on the BAföG entitlement under any circumstances. Students (no matter whether they are in their first semester or already receiving support) do not have to worry that they will not receive any money in or for April.
    • For the time being, the Department  for Grants can only be contacted by telephone during office hours. Please contact your personal counsellor directly.
    • The Student Job Office no longer offers open office hours. The jobs will be allocated online. You can contact the Job Office by telephone at +49 341 9659 630 and by e-mail.

    Counselling & Social

    • For the time being, our psychosocial counselling can only be contacted by telephone and studierendenberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de (e-mail), no personal consultation hours will be taking place. 
    • Our social counselling service only offers telephone consultation hours. Appointments for counselling that have already been arranged will be conducted by telephone. 
    • The SSZ is closed until further notice. If you have any questions regarding student services such as ISIC, Mensa cards and children's Mensa cards, you can contact us during regular office hours by phone at +49 341 96 59 850.
    • Legal assistance and legal advice are only available during telephone consultation hours until further notice. 
    • The information event on 25 March 2020 "Offspring expected - what now?" will not take place.

    Mensas and Cafeterias

    • As of Tuesday, 17 March 2020 Mensa Schönauer Strasse will be closed until further notice. The reason for this is the closing of the nearby "Berufsakademie Sachsen".
    • In our Mensas and Cafeterias there will be no more salt and pepper dispensers on the tables for the time being. 
    • We have removed the children's play areas from our Mensas.


    Update 13 March 2020

    Mensas and Cafeterias

    • At present, there are no plans to close our Mensas and Cafeterias completely, the current opening hours during the semester break will remain unchanged for the time being.
    • Only Cafeteria Dittrichring will remain closed until 29 March 2020. This is due to the decision of the Leipzig University of Music and Theatre to close down completely till 29 March. 
    • Due to higher staff requirements, some of the services offered in our Mensas and Cafeterias will be restricted.
    • The cutlery in the self-checkout compartments is currently exchanged several times a day. From Monday, 16 March, cutlery will be handed out at the cash desks or at the serving counters together with the food. 
    • It is expected that from Monday 16 March, all self-service facilities in the Mensas and Cafeterias will temporarily be switched to staff service.
    • The salad counters in our Mensas will be closed, alternatively, pre-portioned salad bowls will be offered. Only in the Cafeteria am Elsterbecken the salad counters will be converted to staff service.
    • In the Mensa am Park, the wok, pizza counter and grill will remain closed.
    • Unpackaged rolls will be temporarily  be offered in packaging.
    • Disinfectant dispensers have been installed in the entrance areas of our Mensas and Cafeterias. In addition, notices with hygiene rules of conduct and proper hand hygiene have been posted.
    • Surfaces with frequent customer contact are disinfected several times a day in our Mensas and Cafeterias. 
    • As large communal catering facilities, the Mensas and Cafeterias are subject to very strict hygiene regulations anyway. The employees in our Mensas and Cafeterias are regularly instructed accordingly and have recently been instructed again.

    Administration and Counselling

    • Disinfectant dispensers were installed in the entrance areas of our administrative and consulting facilities.
    • Notices with hygieni rules of conduct and correct hand hygiene have been placed.


    • Canceled: "My studies in Leipzig: application, enrollement and the first semesters" (originally planned for 18 March 2020 at the HTWK)
    • Canceled: International Café (originally planned for 24 April 2020 in Mensa Peterssteinweg )
    • Canceled: Study Information Day at the University of Leipzig/Info desk of the Studentenwerk Leipzig (originally planned for 25 April 2020)