Climate-friendly dishes for the global climate strike

On 24 September is World Climate Strike Day. Our student restaurants are taking part by putting the KlimaTeller (climate dish) on their menus.
Regionales Gemüse wird geschnitten.

We participate in the global climate strike on 24 September 2021 by offering climate-friendly dishes and for the first time the so-called KlimaTeller!

A dish can only be called KlimaTeller if it causes at least 50% less CO₂ than the average of conventional dishes. That average is based on 76,000 dishes analyzed by Eaternity (EDB Eaternity Database). With the KlimaTeller, around 1 kilogram of CO₂ is saved per meal, which corresponds to a car journey of about 8 kilometers.

How does the KlimaTeller work?

Grafik zum Klimateller

Even small variations in choosing the ingredients can make a big difference. In particular, more plant-based foods contribute to a drastic reduction in the CO₂ balance of the KlimaTeller. However, you can also put together a KlimaTeller without completely forgoing meat or fish when you take the following into account: Particularly climate-damaging ingredients such as red meat (beef, pork, veal, and lamb) and high-fat dairy products do not end up on the KlimaTeller. In principle, seasonality, regionality, and the organic quality of the food used play an important role in the climate footprint of a meal.

Where can I get the KlimaTeller?

The following Mensas that are open under corona conditions offer the KlimaTeller on 24. September 2021:

Please see the menu for more information on the offered climate-friendly dishes.

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