Christmas Week in all Student Restaurants and Cafeterias!


From 3 to 7 December 2018, we offer at least one Christmas meal daily in each of our student restaurants and cafeterias.

Christmas is coming! And in order to get us all in a Christmassy mood, we dish up festive meals. From 3 to 7 December, we offer at least one Christmas meal per day in our student restaurants and cafeterias.

On 3 December, student restaurant Mensa Peterssteinweg starts with (e.g.) venison ragout with pears, beans and dumplings. Adding to the game, student restaurant Mensa am Park offers the all time Christmas classic roast goose at the quick plate counter on 4 December. Not by any means less Christmassy is how Mensa am Elsterbecken goes strong with the X-Mas Burger on 5 December. It’ll feature wild mushrooms and cheddar as well as sweet potato fries as a side dish. We’re approaching St Nicholas' Day on 6 December and that means student restaurant Mensa Academica offers roast duck with lebkuchen and orange sauce, roast apple red cabbage and steaming hot Thuringian dumplings for a festive mood. Also on St Nicholas’ Day, student restaurant Mensa Schönauer Straße offers a festive venison goulash. The end of our Christmas week is heralded with a solid boar ragout and carmelized chestnuts.

There are of course Christmassy vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu as well. For example the creamy chestnut soup, Advent pancakes, winterly roast vegetables and a kale risotto.

An overview of all dishes can be found on our menu website.

With Christmas week, during which we offer particularly high-quality dishes, we would like to thank our guests for their loyalty and wish them a Merry Christmas!