Change of Regulations for the Validation of Your Student Card


The MDV has agreed to a changed regulation for the MDV semester ticket for the upcoming summer semester 2021. This change is caused by the more difficult validation of the student cards due to corona-related restrictions.

Since many validation terminals are currently not accessible due to corona inflicted restrictions, it is more difficult for students to validate their student cards.
Therefore, the public transport companies in the area of the MDV-Semesterticket will change their practice in case of controls – analogous to the special regulation for the summer semester 2020.

New goodwill rules: Offering alternative options for identification on public transport

  • If your student card still only has the imprint of the past semester (winter semester 2020/21), you can show your certificate of enrollment for the summer semester 2021 in combination with an official identity document which includes a photo.

  • You may also show your certificate of enrollment via your mobile phone, the identity document including a photo is still required.

  • If your student card is validated for the current semester, your ticket will e checked as usual


This special regulation applies until 14 days after the validation terminals are fully accessible again!

Please make sure to follow the hygiene regulations of the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund when using public transport.