The Cafeteria im Musikviertel celebrates its 20th birthday


On March 22, 2023, students can get a free piece of vegan cake made by the in-house bakery.

The Cafeteria im Musikviertel used to be known as Cafeteria Beethovenstraße or Cafeteria im Geisteswissenschaftlichen Zentrum GWZ and has already been used as event location for Literature Cafés and as a movie set. 

As a consequence of a previous mensa survey in which especially the wish for a changing and varied range of food was expressed, the Cafeteria has been reconstructed in 2016. Since then students can choose from an expanded offer with various snacks and coffee specialities of high quality. 

On the occasion of the 20th birthday of the Cafeteria im Musikviertel, vegan cake from the in-house bakery will be offered on March 22, 2023.