Budget resolution for 2019/20: Higher subsidies for student restaurants, halls of residence and counselling!


The Saxon Landtag has approved the budget resolution for 2019/20. Saxon Studentenwerk organizations receive significantly higher subsidies.

Good news for students: In comparison with the budget for 2017/18, the Saxon Landtag has approved the budget for the upcoming two years which provides significantly higher subsidies for the Saxon Studentenwerk organizations!

The subsidies for running operations, e.g. financing and resourcing of student restaurants and cafeterias as well as the co-financing of social services like Social Counselling increase by 1 Million Euro to 11 Million Euro annually. Student restaurants and cafeterias are real estates owned by the federal state. Therefore, students do not have to co-finance them in the upcoming two years.

The approved budget of 5 Million Euro for 2019 and 7 Million Euro for 2020 also includes subsidies for improvements in student restaurants and cafeterias as well as student halls again. Now, investments in technical installations and equipment of said dining facilities of the Saxon Studentenwerk organizations can be made.

The Studentenwerk organizations are particularly happy about the State of Saxony’s resumption of investing in redeveloping student halls. Here, too, is a great demand for renewals, which the students can only partly cover. Several student halls need an entire refurbishment, many technical installations need an overhaul.

In addition to refurbishing existing student halls, the budget resolution allows constructing new halls for the first time. In the light of the price developments for rents, this is essential in order to facilitate socially responsible student housing and to relieve the housing market. “The budget resolution of the Saxon Landtag, which provides us subsidies for student housing again, is a step in the right direction,” says Anja Schönherr, spokesperson of the Saxon Studentenwerk organizations.