Bridging Assistance for Students in Pandemic Related Emergency Situations

The BMBF has extended the bridging assistance for students in pandemic emergency situations until September 2020.

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The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is providing a total of 100 million euros in subsidies to help students who are in acute difficulties due to the Corona pandemic and is defining the guidelines for the conditions for funding. This support has now been extended. Students in emergency situations resulting from the pandemic can now also apply for a subsidy  from the Studierendenwerke for September.

The bridging assistance is intended to help those students who are in a emergency situation caused by the pandemic, are in immediate need of financial assistance and unable to benefit from other forms of support.

The bridging assistance can be applied for online since June 2020. The student service organisation responsible processes the applications and induces the concluding payments. The project as a whole poses an enormous technical and organisational challenge for all of us, which needs to be dealt with on short notice. We are doing our utmost to make sure that the students will receive their bridging assistance.

We kindly ask fou you to be patient and refrain from making any requests until then, thank you!

BMBF hotline for bridging assistance:
Phone: +49 800 26 23 003
E-mail: ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende {{ätt}} bmbf {{punkt}} bund {{punkt}} de

Because of the many questions that arose the application process, we have compiled the most important answers and technical information here

The 10 Most Important Questions & Answers and Technical Advice

Eligible to apply are:

  • domestic and international students
  • at state-run and state-accredited universities in Germany
  • who are not on a leave of absence
  • and who are able to prove, they are in a pandemic related emergency situation, in immediate need of financial assistance and who cannot benefit from any other form of support.


  • Making use of loans, scholarships, parental maintenance, etc. in the month in question does not exclude you from applying for bridging assistance.
  • However, you cannot apply for bridging assistance if you have already submitted an application for financial support from emergency funds or support associations for the same month. For Leipzig this would be: financial support from the STURA of the universities, from the Association for Foreign Students in Need (SiS) or financial support from the hardship funds of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Students who:

  • are in part-time studies or dual studies, students at administrative colleges, Bundeswehr colleges or who are studying at universities not recognized by the state,  guest students

 are not eligible to apply!

The conditions of the subsidy if the requirements are met (see criteria above):

  • Amount of subsidy: depending on the account balance, maximum 500 euros per month, depending on the neediness
  • Maximum duration of funding: 4 months.
  • Monthly application, i.e. no application for the maximum funding amount (2000 euros)
  • Months covered are June, July, August and September. Applications may be submitted for the current month.

The application is made exclusively online. There you will also find further information on the required documents.