BAföG increases as of winter semester 2022/23

Increasing BAföG rates and allowances in sight: Who will benefit from the upcoming BAföG amendment?

BAföG increases decided. Who benefits?

On 23 June 2022, the 27th BAföG amendment was passed by the German Bundestag. Among other things, the BAföG amendment provides for a significant increase in the BAföG requirement rates and allowances. This relates to the assets and income of students as well as the income of their parents. This will especially benefit those who currently do not receive the BAföG maximum rate or have not received any support at all up to now.

Which BAföG changes have been decided?

  • Parental allowances (Elternfreibeträge) increase + 20,75 %
  • Demand rates (Bedarfssätze) increase + 5,75 %, in the case of need for accommodation away from home + 11 %
  • Age limits raised: younger than 45 years when starting studies
  • Asset allowance increased
  • BAföG even with a €520 mini-job
  • Increase in the BAföG childcare allowance

Those who have not previously received BAföG could now be entitled to BAföG due to the increases of the winter semester 2022/2023.

However, the adopted amendments are not yet effective. They are expected to come into force from 1 August 2022. As a transitional arrangement, the new regulations will apply to all approval periods from 1 August 2022. For current approval periods (e.g. April 2022 to March 2023), the increased demand rates will apply from October 2022.

The increase will be taken into account promptly and automatically. Students who have already received a decision on the grant period from 10/2022 do not need to file an objection.