“BAföG Digital”: You can now Complete all Steps of the Application Process Online!

Junger tätowierter Mann sitzt am Laptop und bearbeitet seinen digitalen Bafög-Antrag.

It’s never been easier: Using the new online application assistant „BAföG Digital“, you can now create and submit your BAföG application online. This makes applying fast, secure, and uncomplicated.

The digital age has reached the BAföG application process:
Since July 1, 2021, students in Saxony are able to apply for BAföG benefits using the new digital application assistant "BAföG Digital". The BAföG application can now be easily and securely created, edited and submitted online.

This is how it works: You do not simply fill in the forms provided online, but get access to an online tool that allows you to provide all the necessary data step by step. All the forms are assembled in a simple and straightforward manner. You can interrupt the processing process at any time, save your data, and continue another day. You can upload the necessary documents using the upload function – also separately or at a later date.

Another advantage: If you already take care of administrative procedures online and have a user account with the federal government or a service account of a federal state, you can use it to log in to BAföG Digital and send the application electronically. However, you can also create a user account directly via BAföG Digital.

If you choose to confirm your identity by using your electronic ID card, the application will be sent electronically and the applicant will receive an automatic notification that the application has been received. It is now also possible to send the application digitally if you have signed the documents.

Advantages of "BAföG Digital":

  • Create, edit and submit your BAföG application comfortably online
  • Self-explanatory and easy-to-understand online tool
  • Step-by-step application assistant
  • Upload function for all required documents and certificates
  • BAföG applications can be saved as an interim status and processed at a later date
  • The processing status of your application can be monitored at all times
  • Registration is possible with or without the new identity card
  • With an "online ID card": automatic transmission to the Department for Grants is possible as well

Alternative ways to submit your BAföG application

If you choose to authenticate your application with a signature, you can also submit the forms by mail, as an e-mail attachment, or outside of our office hours in our BAföG mailbox on the first floor of Goethestraße 6.

The application forms can be downloaded from the BAföG website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and are also available on the first floor of the Studentenwerk at Goethestraße 6.

This short clip (German only) explains how "BAföG Digital" works.