BAföG benefits remain for Students in system-relevant Professions

Junger Mann im Labor

Despite the end of the epidemic situation: the benefits of BAföG financial support for students in system-relevant professions will be extended.

A legal change to the Infection Protection Act has removed the classification of the epidemic situation of national significance. This now has the following effects on the BAföG entitlement of some students.

Until now, income from system-relevant professions was not counted for BAföG applicants, which increased the chances of receiving BAföG or the amount of funding. With the expiry of the epidemic situation on November 23, 2021, this regulation would actually end. However, it has now been extended by the federal government until March 31, 2022 and decoupled from the epidemic situation. Students can therefore continue to earn income from system-relevant professions without this having any effect on their BAföG.