Avoid queuing at Mensa am Park


Long queues are currently forming at the Mensa am Park. Many guests queue unwittingly at the first counter. Those who do not want the “Quick Dish” can pass directly by the queue and go into the cafeteria to another counter.

Those who do not want to eat the "Quick Dish" can go directly past the line into the restaurant to another counter. 

Since the beginning of the winter semester, the lecture halls and therefore our student restaurants are well filled again. 

Especially at the Mensa am Park, long queues are forming. However, the queue is only forming because many students do not know that they are queuing directly at the first serving counter for the “Quick Dish”. All other meals are available further back in the serving area.

If you decide on pasta, salad, the vegetarian or vegan dish, drinks or the like, you do not have to wait in line, you just walk past the line through the entrance to the appropriate serving counter or refrigerated display case.