And the winner is… The Photo Competition by Studentenwerke is on the road


Leipziger Studierende überzeugen im Wettbewerb mit ihren Fotos

In the category photo series Sarah Liegmann, student at the Leipzig University won the first prize! Congratulations – we are happy, that the photos will be shown at the Studentenwerk Leipzig on may and june of 2017. A photo of Max Reichel and Leonart Schmitt, studying at the Leipzig University too, is among a choice of 10, which are also part of the exhibition, which is touring now throughout all the studentenwerke which organized the competition. All winners and dates you'll find on the competitions website.

Find and show "Signs of the Future" – that was the goal of this year’s photo competition by Studentenwerke. How will I live? What will my life be like? What will our society be like? What will happen to our environment? Will I be happy? The photo competition invited students to discover signs of the future today or to create signs for the future themselves by means of their photographic works.