29 November: Veggie-Day in Mensa An den Tierkliniken

Animal protection week is taking place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. A perfect match for delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes being served in Mensa An den Tierkliniken on Veggie Day.

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Gemüse und Salat mit Schriftzug Veggie-Day

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Leipzig University is organising an animal protection week from 25 to 29 November 2019. As part of this event, the team of Mensa An den Tierkliniken will be cooking vegetarian and vegan meals on Friday, 29 November. 
On the menu are soy-gyros with tzaziki and rice, vegetarian currywurst with hot and fruity sauce and vegan paella with cashew nuts. All dishes can be found on our menu.

Veggie-Days take place since 2010 and were introduced through a student initiative. They are not only our contribution to sustainability, but also an offer to students who would like to eat vegetarian from time to time to abstain from meat consumption or have a vegetarian diet anyway. For those who do not want to eat meatless: This Veggie-Day takes place in only one Mensa at a time. If you do not want to eat vegan or vegetarian, just switch to another student restaurant on that day. Enjoy your meal, everyone!

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