Dormitory Application

Application Procedure

  1. Find out more about our different student halls of residence and the rental prices.
  2. Read the FAQs on our website as well as the Conditions of Tenancy.
  3. You have to create a tenant account and you will need a certification of enrolment or a letter of admission for the date you want to move in.
    (PDF file, maximum file size: 1 MB)

    Create user account Sign-in as user

  4. Please complete the online application and choose up to three student halls of residence, your preferred type of accommodation and a monthly rental price. Please remember to choose your student halls of residence according to your indicated rental price.
  5. After your application has been submitted successfully you will receive an automatic transmission confirmation.
  6. As soon as an appropriate room is available you will receive an email with a room offer and your personal authentication data. Carry out your authentication and accept the room offer. Please note the given deadline. After the deadline the offer is no longer available.
    (It is not possible to view the room before signing the tenancy agreement since the room is still occupied.)
  7. After having accepted the offer for a room you will receive further information. Please make sure you do not miss our email. Also check your spam folders etc.

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