The safety precautions are state-of-the-art. Studentenwerk Leipzig complies with the data protection regulations as stipulated in the Saxon Data Protection Act and the other relevant specific stipulations regarding data protection, such as the German Broadcast Media Act (TMG) and the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty. The officially appointed data protection officer controls the compliance with the legal stipulations. Studentenwerk Leipzig therefore constantly strives to adapt the principles of data protection to the development of data protection and data security.

Whenever users access the proprietary internet content and recall files, data concerning the respective process are saved and processed temporarily in log files.

In detail, the following data are saved for each access/recall:

  • IP address
  • Date and time
  • Recalled page/name of recalled file
  • Transferred amount of data
  • Report on successful/unsuccessful access/recall.

These data are analyzed solely for statistical purposes and for the improvement of our contents and will be deleted afterwards. Data are not used otherwise, disclosed, or forwarded to third parties.

Measure for access protection
The data processing systems are protected by firewall systems and antivirus software. The in-house access concept and the application procedure make sure that only authorized persons can access the databases.

Use of cookies
When individual pages are recalled, so-called temporary cookies are used to facilitate navigation. Such session cookies do not contain any personal data and will be deleted after the session has expired. Methods like e.g. Java applets or Active-X controls, which enable tracking of user behavior, are not applied.

Application for accommodation
One of our most important duties is to provide students with accommodation. You can apply for a room at a student hall of residence on the website. For this purpose, the registration with user name and e-mail address is required. Your data will be saved directly on the Studentenwerk server and forwarded in-house to the staff member in charge. He or she will take care of your request. To execute the data transfer, the form and your e-mail will be SSL encrypted.

If you have any questions concerning the control of your personal data, please contact the officially appointed data protection officer as named in the company details.