Questions and Answers Regarding Cultural Funding

  • Can I get advice/counselling for cultural funding?

    Students can, of course, receive advice, but we kindly ask you to take a look at the cultural funding guideline and the guide to cultural funding on our website first.

    For international students, we also offer advice in English, if requested.

  • What are the chances of receiving cultural funding?

    Almost all applicants receive funding, although not always in the desired amount. It is always worthwhile to file an application! The prerequisite is of course always that the cultural project complies with the cultural funding guideline of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

  • Which cultural projects can receive cultural funding?

    Here are some examples of projects that are eligible for funding:

    • exhibitions,
    • carnival events,
    • film projects,
    • concerts,
    • cultural event series,
    • country-specific events,
    • readings,
    • performances,
    • semester parties,
    • theater productions, and many other projects.
  • What projects cannot be funded?

    Here are some examples of projects not eligible for funding:

    • institute and graduation celebrations and faculty balls,
    • alumni projects,
    • work of university ensembles,
    • presentations of study contents,
    • sports events and events that focus on a political and/or religious agenda.
  • When do I have to apply for cultural funding?

    Applications must be submitted to the Culture Committee of Studentenwerk Leipzig four weeks before the project starts and/or before the event takes place at the very latest. Exceptions must be explained in written form.

  • How do I apply for cultural funding?

    The application form from our website must be used, it must have an original signature and can be sent by mail to the Culture Committee, handed in directly at the Studentenwerk Leipzig offices or inserted into the Studentenwerk Leipzig mailbox situated at Goethestraße 6.

    Submitting applications by e-mail is not possible.

  • To what amount can I receive funding?

    You can apply for relatively small amounts (from 50.00 EUR), but under certain conditions very large projects can also be funded with amounts of over 1,000 EUR. In this case applicants should contact us early in order to clarify the financial possibilities.

    In any case, however, a maximum of 49 percent of the total costs of a project can be funded.

  • When is the funding paid out?

    After the project has been carried out, you must present a full statement of revenues and expenditures personally to the Studentenwerk and provide evidence for the actual use of the cultural funding resources. Only then, and not in advance, the funding can be transferred.

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