Telephone Counseling

You can use Telephone Counseling to bridge the time until the next available individual counseling session or as a first support for your concern.

Telephone Couseling sessions take about 20 minutes and enable you to contact us rapidly. You can use them to bridge the time until the next available individual counselling session or as a first support for your concern. It is as well possible to get a follow-up appointment faster via Telephone Counseling than via the appointment allocation for the counselling sessions. 

You can use Telephone Counseling without prior registration during the following telephone consultation hours:

Tuesdays 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.

  •  +49 341 97 18 848 

Thursdays 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

  •  +49 1761 9659 665

In urgent cases or emergencies, you can always use the counselling services offered by the City of Leipzig.

Where we help

Studying itself as well as student life may involve great demands and challenges. It is therefore not uncommon that one has difficulties studying, personal conflicts, or is mentally stressed. Whether you …

  • Doubt that you chose the right field of study,
  • Experience exam anxiety or tend to procrastinate,
  • Have stress or self-doubt,
  • Fight with your partner,
  • Have difficulties finding friends,
  • Suffer from depressive moods or fears,
  • Experienced discrimination,
  • Experienced violence or sexual assault,
  • Have problems with alcohol or drugs,
  • Encounter difficulties due to mental health disorders

… or if you are dealing with other issues, you can reach out to us anytime for professional guidance and individualized support in resolving your personal challenges.