A financial hardship does not have to mean the end of your studies! Students facing a financial hardship that they are not responsible for can apply for financial support from the financial hardship fund of the Studentenwerk Leipzig by contacting the Social Counselling Service.

Besides the appplication for financial support you have the opportunity to apply for a Free Table Voucher redeemable at our Mensas and Cafeterias. The guidelines of these two financial support measures do not preclude a parallel application or one application following the other. 

After the application you are not on your own as well. We are looking forward to advise you on long-term financing possibilities for your studies and answer your questions concerning social and financial topics as well as questions of all other kind. We are bound to medical confidentiality.

Please contact our Social Counselling Service team as soon as possible in order to prevent a deterioration of your financial situation. We are looking forward to help you! The best option for you is to book an appointment via the online appointment tool or to write an e-mail to sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

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As soon as an improvement of the financial situation is likely and a reimbursement is reasonable, in most cases a loan without guarantee is assigned. Otherwise, grants which do not have to be repaid are provided as well. Usually, the application can be made once per student and study. In exceptional cases, you can apply for a consultation session in order to discuss another application with the social consultants. 

Every student enrolled at an institution belonging to the Studentenwerk Leipzig can submit an application for financial support from the hardship fund.

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The amount is determined individually. For orientation, the BAFöG maximum rate (934 euros per month as of February 2023) is used.

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In the case of disbursement as a loan, a loan agreement with concrete repayment arrangements must be concluded.
As a rule, reimbursement is to be agreed within a period of three months. 

In case of delays of reimbursement or ongoing financial hardship, you can contact the Social Counselling service in order to find an individual solution for your situation. We will not leave you alone with your problems!

A grant does not have to be repaid. 

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An application can be submitted by all students of the Leipzig universities for which the Studentenwerk Leipzig is responsible. The aid is available to students who are in financial need and out of debt.

A social emergency situation exists if the financial hardship cannot be reduced or averted in any other way. Such a situation may also differ from case to case, for example, if students are temporarily unable to cover the costs of their studies, living expenses, health insurance and semester fees or cannot pay additional costst because of illness from their own funds.

An application can as well be made if your financial hardship has other causes than the ones listed on this page. The given examples only serve as rough orientation and are not final.

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If your financial hardship has other causes than the ones listed on this page you can nevertheless apply for financial support. The given examples only serve as rough orientation and are not final.

  • Financial hardships that emerge without one's own fault and because of various reasons
  • Loss of study-related belongings (in case of force majeure, for example apartment fire or water damage)
  • Non-insured fraud cases that lead to financial hardship
  • End of continued wage payment in case of permanent illness without subsequent sickness benefit 
  • Sudden omission of parental financial support (for example due to flight, illness or job loss of the parents)
  • Unexpected additional payments (for example operating costs)
  • Sudden omission of wage payment or sudden job loss
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You can make an application directly via e-mail or by booking an individual counselling appointment at the Social Counselling service beforehand –we are looking forward to discuss the application with you in person. 

For a direct application please submit the following documents via sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

  • Filled-in form of application
  • Student card or Certificate of Enrolment
  • Identity card or passport 
  • For international students: Valid residence permit
  • Account statements of the past two months 
  • Current account balance on the day of application (in case of missing statement, please submit a screenshot showing balance and date)
  • If necessary, other documents that are relevant for your application 

In case you can't submit a document, please name the reasons for that on the form of application or in an e-mail to the Social Counselling service. Together we will find a solution!

As soon as you have submitted the documents of application via e-mail, they can be processed by our team. Please note the important information that you have to simultaneously submit the personally signed first page of the application form (only page one is necessary) in its original version to the following address: Studentenwerk Leipzig, Sozialberatung, Goethestraße 6, 04109 Leipzig. You can throw the mentioned first page into the post box marked with "Studentenwerk Leipzig" right in front of Goethestraße 6 as well. 

In the case of questions regarding the application please feel free to contact our Social Counselling service team.

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The application is submitted via the Social counselling service of the Studentenwerk.

After the application documents submitted have been checked for completeness, the application is submitted to the Social Committee of the Studentenwerk Leipzig for a final decision. As soon as we receive a feedback on the decision, we will inform you via e-mail.

The Social Counselling service and the Social Committee try to process the submitted applications and decide on them as fast as possible. 

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Contact us! We are available as follows:

You can find the office hours of the Social counselling service as well as consultation locations and contact data on the Social counselling page.