Hardship funds for students

A financial hardship does not have to mean the end of your studies! Students facing a financial hardship that they are not responsible for can apply for financial support from the financial hardship fund of the Studentenwerk Leipzig by contacting the Social Counselling Service.


  • 1. General

    As soon as an improvement of the financial situation is likely and a reimbursement is reasonable, in most cases a loan without guarantee is assigned. Otherwise, grants which do not have to be repaid are provided as well. Usually, the application can be made once per student and study. In exceptional cases, you can apply for a consultation session in order to discuss another application with the social councellors.

  • 2. Amount

    The amount is determined individually. The maximum financial support granted is at the amount of 812€ ( BAföG without the contribution to the health insurance).

  • 3. Reimbursement

    In the case of disbursement as a loan, a loan agreement with concrete repayment arrangements must be concluded.
    As a rule, reimbursement is to be agreed within a period of three months.

    In case of delays of reimbursement or ongoing financial hardship, you can contact the Social Counselling service in order to find an individual solution for your situation. We will not leave you alone with your problems!

    A grant does not have to be repaid.

  • 4. Requirements
    • enrolled at any Leipzig universitiy for which the Studentenwerk Leipzig is responsible
    • the financial hardship musst be unforseen and without one’s fault
    • due to unforseen reasons students are temporarily unable to cover the costs of their rent and living expenses (e.g. sudden end of continued wage payment, loss of parental financial support, permanent illness, operating costs back-payment)
    • an idea for future funding of living expeses shound be in place or should be elaborated with the social counselling
    • the financial hardship can’t be reduced or averted in any other way( e.g. own funds, money on saving accounts, support by friends and family
  • 5. How does the application work?

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    1. ​​​​​​ Check by yourself if you fullfil the requirements mentioned under point 4.
    2.  Fill out the form of application
    3.  Send an e-mail to sozialberatung@studentenwerk-leipzig.de which includes the following PDF documents:
    • Filled-in form of application
    • Student card or Certificate of Enrolment
    • Identity card or passport
    • For international students: Valid residence permit
    • Account statements of the past two months
    • Current account balance on the day of application (in case of missing statement, please submit a screenshot showing balance and date)
    • If necessary, other documents that are relevant for your application

    4. Book a counselling appointment at the Social Counselling service

    5. At the individual counselling appointment the application will be reviewed.

    In the case of questions regarding the application please feel free to contact our Social Counselling service team beforehand.

After the application you are not on your own as well. We are looking forward to advise you on long-term financing possibilities for your studies and answer your questions concerning social and financial topics as well as questions of all other kind. We are bound to medical confidentiality.