Culture Spotlight September 2019


In Culture Spotlight we present a special project that is supported by our Cultural Funding. The financial means for student culture are granted upon application.

Our Culture Spotlight in September is about the student group DER SPINNRAT. They'll take you on a 60-minute-trip to earnestness and the absurd, catch-22 and scurrility. The actors kaleidoscopicly mimic everyday life, the not-so-everyday life and themselves. Topics are e.g. the large-scale utilization of social contacts as well as emotions and relationships that make the "human can" take shape.

  • WHEN: 16, 17 & 18 September 2019
  • WHERE: Werkstatt: LOFFT – DAS THEATER // Spinnereistraße 7 – Hall 7 // 04179 Leipzig