Check-in for Guests of our Mensas and Cafeterias

Kontaktnachverfolgung Mensen und Cafeterien Registrierung

Due to the current Saxonian Corona Protection Ordinance, from now on all of our guests must register when entering our Mensas and Cafeterias.

According to the new Saxonian Corona Protection Ordinance dated 30 October, we are obligated to register all guests for contact tracking* – if they consume their meals inside our facilities. There are two options for providing your data:

  • Scan the QR code on the dining tables with your mobile phone, enter personal data and send it.
  • Take a contact sheet with you at the checkout. Enter your personal data legibly and truthfully, using your own pen. Then drop it in the letterboxes provided at the exit.

*Personal Data is of course safe with us and will be treated according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

More information about the corona measures in our Mensas and Cafeterias here: