Important note on the duplication of documents

Please note that documents sent more than once (e.g. by post and e-mail) will additionally delay processing because the submitted documents have to be compared with each other. We therefore ask you to send the documents one time only. This also includes applications and other supporting documents.

Our tip: It is best to use BAföG-Digital to submit your application, missing documents, changes, etc.

Applying for BAföG

Application and Other Forms

Since 1 July 2021, also in Saxony, pupils and students can apply for BAföG via the new digital application assistant "BAföG Digital". The BAföG application can be easily created, edited and handed in digitally, by submitting all the necessary data via the new online tool. All forms needed are merged in a simple and transparent way. If the application is verified by means of an electronic identity card, it is submitted digitally and the applicant receives an automatic notification that the application has been received.

Advantages of BAföG Digital:

  • Create, process and send your BAföG application comfortably online
  • Self-explanatory and easy-to-understand online tool
  • Step-by-step application assistant
  • Upload function for required documents and certificates
  • BAföG applications can be saved as an interim status and processed at a later date.
  • The processing status of your application can be monitored at all times
  • Registration is possible with or without the new identity card
  • With an "online ID card": automatic transmission to the Department for Grants is possible as well


If the authentication is carried out with a signature, the forms can still be handed in by post, as an e-mail attachment or outside the opening hours in our BAföG letterbox on the ground floor of Goethestr. 6.

Amt für Ausbildungsförderung
Goethestraße 6
D-04109 Leipzig

You can also pick up the application and other forms on the ground floor of the BAföG office or download the pdf files from the BAföG page of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

If you have any questions or feedback on the online application of the Saxon Studentenwerk institutions, please write to bafoegamt {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.

Download pdf files

The most common mistakes when filing an application

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Make sure that your documents are up to date. An application for BAföG funding is only complete if the submitted proof of financial status (e.g. your bank statements) is not older than 14 days from the date of receipt of the application. Documents dated after receipt of the application are also invalid.

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The account/wallet holder and the date must be recognizable on asset statements and statements of digital assets/wallets (screenshots are not suitable).

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A complete application requires an authentication with the online feature of the identity card or a handwritten signature on all application forms and declarations.

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If you have sent a scan of your signed application to the Department of Grants via e-mail or via the platform www.bafö, it is usually no longer necessary to send the original document via mail. The same applies to other declarations and documents, such as rental contracts or certificates of study.

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A complete application either requires a handwritten signature or the indication of your name in block letters at the end of all application forms or declarations. In order not to overlook anything, we recommend to use www.bafö

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The § 9 BAföG certificate is not the same as the regular certificate of enrolment. Therefore, make sure that you have included the § 9 BAföG certificate in your application. You can download it from your university portal in addition to the certificate of enrolment.

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For questions with given answer options, an answer choice must be made in every case.

Often, for example, yes/no questions are overlooked. Especially in Form 1 under "Address during training" when the question is asked whether the trainee lives with his/her parents in a domestic community. The yes/no question on the amount of income earned during the BAföG grant period under "Information on the assessment of income" is often overlooked as well.

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This refers to Form 1 on the section "Schulischer und beruflicher Werdegang".

An "interim period" is a period of no more than 3 months, for which no further justification is required. Any period longer than these 3 months must be further justified by you.

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Certificates must be submitted for all payments of this kind.

This includes, for example:

  •     Sickness benefit
  •     Unemployment benefit
  •     Short-time working allowance
  •     Parental allowance
  •     etc.
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Make sure you submit all pages of your parents' tax assessment notice (including official seal).

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If you are not entitled to BAföG and therefore require a notice of rejection (e.g. to present to the housing allowance office or the Job Centre), you must submit an application for this to the Department of Grants (Form 1). The application must be accompanied by the certificate § 9 BAföG and, if necessary, a short statement explaining your reasons.

Downloads: Notes & Forms

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More Information on BAföG

More information at a glance is available on the website of Deutsches Studentenwerk.
Additionally, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers comprehensive information about BAföG on this website (German).