The possibility of infection with coronavirus and a quarantine order can be unsettling, as your might be scared of the consequences and your everyday life will be turned upside down. On this page you will find a collection of support services and contact details for various problems that isolation can involve.

Important official first points of contact & information

Support services for (domestic) quarantine

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  • Ask your neighbours, friends, colleagues or family members to go shopping for you. However, make sure to not accept the shopping directly, but have it dropped off in front of your apartment/room door.
  • You can make use of supermarket delivery services that bring groceries to your home. Some options are the delivery services of Rewe, Konsum, Flaschenpost, Durstexpress or the online supermarket
  • Another option are services in Leipzig for food delivery such as for example Lieferando, Bringbutler, Burgerme or the pizzeria of your choice.

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  • If you have not met any of your neighbours yet, if you do not have any family in the vicinity or if it is not possible for friends to help you, you can put a note with your contact information (mobile phone number and name) in the stairwell or hallway and ask for help from the neighbours. In most cases people are very supportive and can, for example, do your shopping for you. You can also order your groceries from supermarkets and request contactless delivery. You can find links to selected supermarkets in the previous info box or search online for a supermarket of your choice. Many stores now offer this service.
  • Drugstores, such as dm, offer to check the availability of the desired products in a nearby store via their website and then make your purchase available for pick-up. You can then ask somebody to pick it up for you. However, you can also have the drugstores deliver directly to you.
  • If you have any problems getting supplies, you can always contact the Health Department, they will put you in touch with volunteers or the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), for example, who can help you to get food and household products.
  • During the Corona pandemic, many associations and neighbourhood help centres have also set up "Corona Help". These can be contacted if, for example, you need support in obtaining necessary medication or for errand or shopping trips, or even childcare. Possible points of contact are: BGL Nachbarschaftshilfeverein e.V., Telegram groups such as Leipzig Ost Solidarisch, Jugend- und Altenhilfeverein e.V., Soziokulturelles Zentrum Die Villa, or the neighbourhood platform nebenan.
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  • Contact your general practitioner or specialist if you need urgent medication or medical treatment for another or existing illness. Tell them what you need and that you are currently quarantined.
  • If you do not yet have a link to a general practitioner or specialist:
    •     Find contact details online.
    •     Find a practice close to your home.
    •     Call them and tell them about your concerns.
  • Contact your Health Department immediately if you feel ill or have the following symptoms: Cough, cold, shortness of breath due to infection, fever.
  • You can find a list of English-speaking doctors at The Leipzig Glocal, an international web magazine about the city of Leipzig.
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  • You can first ask neighbours, friends or family members to provide you with medication.
  • Call a pharmacy nearby and find out if they also deliver medication. You can find a list of all pharmacies in Leipzig on the pages of meinLeipzig or IhreApotheken.
  • Another option is to make use of the services offered by delivery pharmacies such as or Central-Apotheke Leipzig.
  • The Columbus Apotheke Leipzig and the Europa Apotheke offer a pharmacy delivery service and can offer consultation in several languages. You can order your medication by calling 0341 696890 or by using a form  on the pharmacy's online website.
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Tips for everyday life in quarantine:

You can try to cope with negative feelings by:

  • Keeping and refreshing social contacts e.g. by writing letters, sending emails, looking at photos, (video) phone calls, making something for others, online learning meetings or online game nights.
  • Counteract boredom e.g. by making lists (things you want to do, things you like to do, gift ideas), sorting things out or organizing things.
  •  Accept your feelings and learn how to deal with them.
  •  For more ideas, see our guide to dealing with negative feelings.
  •  Take a look at our list of 100 pleasant activities like listening to music, sleeping late, taking photos.

Counselling, care helpline & crisis support in other languages:

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Free-time activities for students in Leipzig

  • The Leipzig University, University Sports Centre is currently offering an online sports course ticket. Simply book the ticket on the website, enroll in the online courses and get started.
  • Try to make use of your time by, for example, reading, keeping in touch with friends and family via social media or by phone, doing sports (e.g. gymnastics exercises, yoga in your flat/room), writing, mind games, cooking, relaxation exercises etc. You can find even more suggestions in our guide for pleasant activities to do at home.

The tutors of the Studentenwerk provide support specially for international students during their stay in Leipzig.

  • You have the opportunity to participate in the Buddy Programme. You can contact the tutors if you have any questions or problems: to do so send an email to tutoren {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de or via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Online workshops such as a "Time Management Workshop" are also offered. You can find current events on the tutors' website.
  • Furthermore, you can get free cutlery from the tutors via the tableware exchange if you need it.