In student restaurant and cafeteria "Mensa am Medizincampus" the gastronomic free-flow concept applies. That means customers can put together their meals individually from several components. A  "quick plate" is also available for those in a hurry. We also have a pasta counter, a colourful and varied salad buffet and front cooking areas such as wok and grill. The cafeteria offers sandwiches, cakes, homemade cookies and freshly made smoothies. When the weather is fine, the outdoor sitting area is a great place to linger.

Student Restaurant

  • free choice of various main components and side dishes
  • “quick plate”
  • pasta counter with a variety of sauces
  • wok and grill dishes
  • vegetarian and vegan meals
  • vegan and vegetarian wok dishes
  • salad buffet
  • desserts and fresh fruits


  • sandwhiches
  • warm snacks
  • desserts
  • cold drinks
  • homemade smoothies
  • fresh fruit
  • cakes, homemade cookies, muffins
  • chocolate and a variety of sweets from fair trade
  • different kinds of tea and coffee specialties from fair trade

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Mr. Schiller

Head of Student Restaurant Mensa am Medinzincampus
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