Changed opening hours

Due to a public holiday Mensa & Cafeteria Academica will be closed on October 2nd and 3rd 2023.

In the Mensa Academica there is the gastronomic concept of "Free Flow", where guests can individually compose their meal from several components. For those in a hurry, however, a "Quick Plate" - a complete dish - is also available.

Furthermore, a pasta counter and a colourful and varied salad buffet are part of the offer. The front cooking area with wok & grill, the vitamin-rich smoothies and various cold drinks round off the Mensa's offer.

The cafeteria offers sandwiches, cakes & warm snacks, among other things.

Guests can read, study and work in the cafeteria hall until the evening hours.

Mensa menu

  • great selection of various main components and side dishes
  • mensaVital menus
  • "quick dish"
  • pasta bar including various sauces
  • wok and BBQ dishes (vegeteratian & vegan available)
  • daily vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • salad bar
  • various desserts (vegana available)
  • fruity smoothies and milk/yoghurt drinks

Cafeteria menu

  • large breakfast and snack assortment
  • different fair trade tea blends and coffee specialties 
  • sandwiches, flaguettes, forcaccia, hot snacks
  • Cakes, pies, biscuits, muffins, croissants
  • fair trade chocolate and candy bars
  • plastic-free chewing gums made of tree gum
  • homemade smoothies & salad to-go
  • juices & cold drinks

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Your Local Contact

 Martina Becker Mensaleiterin

Mrs. Becker

Head of Student Restaurant and Cafeteria Academica
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Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 145
Entrance at HTWK Leipzig / Lipsius-Bau
04277 Leipzig



Nearest university or academy
HTWK: approx. 0.0 km

Close-by student halls of residence
Hall of residence Tarostraße: approx. 2.2 km
Hall of residence Am Bayrischen Bahnhof: approx. 2.6 km

Bicycle parking
Bicycle parking spaces are available in front of the library and the Lipsiusbau.

Wheelchair access
Wheelchair access to the dining hall and the food counter is ensured via a lift on the ground floor of the Lipsiusbau. The restaurant has disabled friendly lavatories.