Lockdown extended: How this affects our services

Due to the current rate of new infections and the extended lockdown period, most of our facilities are expected to remain closed until 7 February 2021.
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The current rate of new infections causes an extension of the nationwide lockdown until the beginning of February. In addition, some of the restrictions are reinforced, for example in terms of private contacts.

The lockdown extension has an effect on Studentenwerk Leipzig’s facilities. According to the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance our Mensas and Cafeterias must remain closed until 7 February 2021. But to fulfill our social catering responsibilities with healthy and cheap meals, Mensa am Medizincampus will offer food and beverages for takeaway.

Changes to our services in January:

  • Our Mensas and Cafeterias  will presumably remain closed until 7 February. Only Mensa am Medizincampus offers take-away options for foods and drinks from 11 January.
  • Our Mensa Card service is available by appointment.
  • Childcare facilities will presumably remain closed until 7 February, but offer emergency childcare. The Kinderladen is closed as well.
  • Our DIY bicycle repair shops will presumably remain closed until 7 February.

Studentenwerk Leipzig does of course keep up all other services and offers. Many of our counselling services can be reached via telephone or e-mail. Digital offers like the online workshops for homestudying offered by our Psychosocial and Social Counselling services go ahead as planned. More information and changes of the counseling services and facilities can be found on the respective websites.

Coronavirus: Effects on the Services of the Studentenwerk

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