Living in a Student Hall of Residence Despite Corona - The Measures we are Taking

Even in times of corona you can live safely in our student halls of residences - personal contact is being kept to a necessary minimum.

Questions & answers about housing and corona

Our student halls of residence are still open for students!

Currently the allocation of places for the upcoming semester is taking place. If you are looking for accommodation, it is best to get an overview of our student halls of residence and apply directly online for a place in one of our residences as soon as you receive your admission or (provisional) certificate of enrollment!

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Room offer & Quarantine

Our dormitories have small shared apartments for two to six people and a few single apartments with a kitchen and bathroom of their own. A maximum of three people share one bathroom. The most common form of living is a shared flat for two people. Special rooms for quarantine are not offered.

In case of an ordered quarantine, the instructions as well as the general, official hygiene and behavioral rules of the health department must be strictly followed.

Entry from risk areas

Since 8 August 2020, people entering the country from risk areas have been obligated to take a corona test. In addition, it is obligatory to provide details and to contact the responsible health department. Until a negative test result is available, domestic quarantine must be maintained.

Office hours

Our housig officers and our caretakers can be contacted by phone or e-mail during their office hours. Personal office hours are currently not take place until further notice. You can find the contacts directly on the  page of the respective student hall of residence.


Personal contact is kept to a necessary minimum when concluding rental agreements and moving in and out.

The rental agreements are sent by e-mail or by regular mail. Move-ins are only possible after making an appointment in advance (information on making an appointment will be provided when the rental contract is signed). Move-outs take place without contact after making an appointment with the caretaker.

studNET - Internet in our student halls of residence

Due to the current focus on online courses we have doubled the data volume in our student halls of residence to 600 GB per month. Questions regarding the setup of studNET as well as fault reports are answered by our helpdesk. The telephone hotline (+49 1761 96 59 818) is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..

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Common rooms and student clubs

At the beginning of the semester, a particularly large number of people from different countries meet in the student halls of residence. It is to be expected that some students will have to go into quarantine after their arrival. We want to do everything possible to prevent the spreading of the corona virus in our halls of residence. We therfore kindly ask you to follow the hygiene rules and ask for your understanding for special restrictions.

All common rooms including the fitness and music practice rooms will remain closed until further notice.

Our tutors can be contacted by tutoren {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de (e-mail), Facebook and by phone during office hours. Personal consultation hours with our tutors will not take place until further notice. The tableware exchange is open by appointment.


Questions & answers about housing and corona

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