The Kinderladen is currently closed and can reopen only after the opening of the Augustusplatz Campus of Leipzig University, as the rooms are currently not accessible due to the closure.

At the Kinderladen, students’ children from the end of maternity leave until they start school are taken care of by the hour. The care for one child is limited to one semester as well as three days a week and four hours a day. If need be, parents can inquire further opening hours.

Due to high demand, the Kinderladen can only provide caring for children of students who are not on semester leave (Urlaubssemester). Furthermore, it is requiered that there is no care contract between the student and a nursery or day care provider.

The Kinderladen is located in the lecture hall building. Its entrance is across Mensa am Park's upper floor dining hall on the first floor of lecture hall building.

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