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True to the motto “By students for students”, the cultural funding by Studentenwerk supports students of the universities and academies belonging to Studentenwerk Leipzig in engaging themselves in cultural activities. Cultural funding can be furthermore used to make cultural offers accessible to students.

The means available for cultural funding are part of the annual budget resolved by the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

The following rules apply to the granting of cultural funds:

  • Cultural funds are granted for cultural projects and events of students as well as cultural activities of students. It is required for cultural funding that the involved students work non-commercially.
  • Cultural funds are granted upon application. Only students or groups consisting mostly of students, who are liable to pay semester contributions to Studentenwerk Leipzig, can file the application.
  • Students from Leipzig must be the main target group of funded projects and events. Funded projects and events must be open to students of all universities and academies Studentenwerk Leipzig is responsible for. If entrance fees are demanded, they must be discounted for students.
  • The funded projects and events must be announced and promoted appropriately, indicating the cultural funding by the Studentenwerk. Studentenwerk offers advertising options for this purpose. Studentenwerk publishes the funded projects and events in a cultural calendar.
  • Cultural funds are granted and paid at a rate of maximum 49 percent of the total expenses for a project or event. Uncovered demand must be proven after the project or event is completed to get the payment of cultural funding.
  • We will not fund cultural projects in close connection with the course of studies or serving the interest of only one or a few students, as well as projects pursuing mostly political or religious objectives and sports projects. Cultural projects that are under the responsibility of a university or one of its institutions (e.g. alumni work, institute and graduation celebrations, university companies) are similarly not eligible for funding.
  • There is no legal entitlement to cultural funding.

The following rules apply to the cultural funding procedure:

  • For the grant of cultural funding, the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig appoints the culture committee, which consists of two student members of the board of administration and two Studentenwerk employees. The culture committee usually meets once a month to discuss applications for cultural funding and to decide on the amount of cultural funding per application.
  • In order to help the applicants, Studentenwerk offers counseling with regard to cultural funding and provides a catalog of questions and answers and guidelines containing more detailed information on funding requirements, application procedure, and payment requirements.
  • Applications for cultural funding must be filed in writing, using the appropriate form, with Studentenwerk at the latest four weeks before the realization phase of the project startsor the event takes place. The applicants must prove the compliance with the requirements for cultural funding in a suitable form.
  • Decisions can be postponed, if the application is incomplete or in case of doubts or questions. The cultural committee may define specific terms for the granted cultural funds.
  • The applicants will be informed in writing about the decision of the culture committee within two weeks after the decision was made.
  • For payment of the granted cultural funds, the applicants need to prove uncovered demand by means of a profit and loss account and submission of all original bills and receipts after the project or the event was realized. For this purpose, they need to schedule an appointment with Studentenwerk three months at the latest after the project was realized or the last event took place.
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If the Studentenwerk Leipzig grants cultural funding, the Studentenwerk logo with the addition "Kulturförderung" (cultural funding) must be placed on all advertising materials s. The Studentenwerk logo is available for download at the end of the page.

Printing the logo in connection with discriminatory, sexist, and violence-glorifying contents and motifs is prohibited and may lead to the withdrawal of granted funds.

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To decide on the grant of cultural funds, the board of administration of the Studentenwerk has assigned the culture committee, which consists of two student representatives of the board of administration and two Studentenwerk employees.


Grit Schräpel – Head of accounting at Studentenwerk Leipzig

Angela Hölzel – Main administrator Culture at Studentenwerk Leipzig

Caroline Zellfelder – Student of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and member of the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig

Anna-Lena Panten – Student of University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) Leipzig and member of the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig

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