Next meeting of culture committee

The next meeting of the culture committee will take place on October 24.

Applications for cultural funding can be handed in at SSZ (Goethestraße 6, ground floor) or sent by mail to the culture committee. Outside office hours, please drop the application in the Studentenwerk letterbox at the entrance of Goethestraße 6.

Please keep the deadline in mind: Regardless of the meeting date, the application must be handed in at Studentenwerk at least one month prior to the event or start of the project.

Cultural Funding of Studentenwerk

Studentenwerk Leipzig provides financial support for cultural projects of students upon request. The granted funds give students the chance to realize their creative ideas according to their own taste.

The latest version of the cultural funding guidelines dated October 10, 2016, applies to the granting of funds. It is absolutely necessary that you read the guidelines before you file an application. If you have any questions with regard to cultural funding, we will be pleased to provide advice, also in English, if you prefer. Please agree an appointment byhoelzel {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de ( e-mail) for this purpose.

Use the form provided by Studentenwerk to apply for cultural funding. A detailed guideline helps you completing the application form and drawing up an account of the granted funds.

Applications for cultural funding can be handed in at the SSZ (Goethestraße 6, ground floor) or sent by mail to the culture committee. Out-of hours drop the application in the Studentenwerk letterbox at the entrance of the Goethestraße 6.

A transmission of the application by e-mail is not possible.

Please observe the deadline: Irrespective of the meeting date, the application must be available at Studentenwerk one month at the latest before the event or project starts.

Postal Adress for Cultural Funding:
Studentenwerk Leipzig
Postfach 100 928
04009 Leipzig

Cultural Funding Guidelines of Studentenwerk

Guidelines apply to the placement of funds, which you should read carefully beforehand (see principles dated 10-17-2016). 

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True to the motto “By students for students”, the cultural funding by Studentenwerk supports students of the universities and academies belonging to Studentenwerk Leipzig in engaging themselves in cultural activities. Cultural funding can be furthermore used to make cultural offers accessible to students.

The means available for cultural funding are part of the annual budget resolved by the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

The following rules apply to the grant of cultural funds:

  • Cultural funds are granted for cultural projects and events of students as well as cultural activities of students. It is required for cultural funding that the involved students work non-commercially.
  • Cultural funds are granted upon application. Only students or groups consisting mostly of students, who are liable to pay semester contributions to Studentenwerk Leipzig, can file the application.
  • Students from Leipzig must be the main target group of funded projects and events. Funded projects and events must be open to students of all universities and academies Studentenwerk Leipzig is responsible for. If entrance fees are demanded, they must be discounted for students.
  • The funded projects and events must be announced and promoted appropriately, indicating the cultural funding by the Studentenwerk. Studentenwerk offers advertising options for this purpose. Studentenwerk publishes the funded projects and events in a cultural calendar.
  • Cultural funds are granted and paid at a rate of maximum 49 percent of the total expenses for a project or event. Uncovered demand must be proven after the project or event is completed to get the payment of cultural funding.
  • We will not fund cultural projects in close connection with the course of studies or serving the interest of only one or a few students, as well as projects pursuing mostly political or religious objectives and sports projects. Cultural projects that are under the responsibility of a university or one of its institutions (e.g. alumni work, institute and graduation celebrations, university companies) are similarly not eligible for funding.
  • There is no legal entitlement to cultural funding.
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The following rules apply to the cultural funding procedure:

  • For the grant of cultural funding, the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig appoints the culture committee, which consists of two student members of the board of administration and two Studentenwerk employees. The culture committee usually meets once a month to discuss applications for cultural funding and to decide on the amount of cultural funding per application.
  • In order to help the applicants, Studentenwerk offers counseling with regard to cultural funding and provides a catalog of questions and answers and guidelines containing more detailed information on funding requirements, application procedure, and payment requirements.
  • Applications for cultural funding must be filed in writing, using the appropriate form, with Studentenwerk at the latest four weeks before the realization phase of the project starts or the event takes place. The applicants must prove the compliance with the requirements for cultural funding in a suitable form.
  • Decisions can be postponed, if the application is incomplete or in case of doubts or questions. The cultural committee may define specific terms for the granted cultural funds.
  • The applicants will be informed in writing about the decision of the culture committee within two weeks after the decision was made.
  • For payment of the granted cultural funds, the applicants need to prove uncovered demand by means of a profit and loss account and submission of all original bills and receipts after the project or the event was realized. For this purpose, they need to schedule an appointment with Studentenwerk three months at the latest after the project was realized or the last event took place.
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If the Studentenwerk Leipzig grants cultural funding, the Studentenwerk logo with the addition "Kulturförderung" (cultural funding) must be placed on all advertising materials s. The Studentenwerk logo is available for download at the end of the page.

Printing the logo in connection with discriminatory, sexist, and violence-glorifying contents and motifs is prohibited and may lead to the withdrawal of granted funds.

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To decide on the grant of cultural funds, the board of administration of the Studentenwerk has assigned the culture committee, which consists of two student representatives of the board of administration and two Studentenwerk employees.


  • Grit Schräpel – Head of accounting at Studentenwerk Leipzig
  • Angela Hölzel – Main administrator Culture/International at Studentenwerk Leipzig
  • Moritz von Schurer – Student of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and member of the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig
  • Max Winkler – Student of University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) Leipzig and member of the board of administration of Studentenwerk Leipzig

Cultural Funding Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help all persons who are interested in cultural funding by Studentenwerk and assist them in applying for funding. If you have problems understanding these guidelines, you are welcome to schedule an appointment for counselling on the application – but, please, only, if you have still unanswered questions after you read the guidelines.

If you have any notes or ideas on how to improve the guidelines, please do not hesitate to communicate them to the culture committee!

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The culture committee grants cultural funding by Studentenwerk subject to the terms for cultural funding as defined by the board of administration. The first question potential applicants have to ask themselves therefore is:

Does the project, which I want to request funding for, comply with the terms for cultural funding in all aspects?

Who answers this question with Yes and wants to apply for cultural funding, has to read these guidelines carefully to handle the application procedure effectively and correctly. The culture committee grants financial aid for cultural purposes as non-bureaucratically as possible, but is obligated to ensure compliance with the terms for cultural funding, which apply equally to all applicants. The guideline is an instrument intended to help improving the application quality and thus facilitating faster processing.

The applicant should be aware that the cultural funds are financed with students’ semester contributions – i.e. jointly by all Leipzig students who pay the contribution. In addition, applicants should definitely look for other financing options, e.g. student unions or student representatives of the respective colleges.

If you apply for cultural funding, you are obligated to comply with the necessary requirements to be granted funding and to disclose the necessary data to the best of your knowledge. If you are not willing to do so, you have to do without Studentenwerk funding.

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Groups of students of universities the Studentenwerk is responsible for can act as applicants. Individual students cannot apply.

  • Examples of possible applicants:
  • Student project groups and student clubs
  • Student pubs
  • Student cultural companies
  • Associations of foreign students
  • Student unions or student representatives etc.

Non-students cannot act as applicants and cannot be the majority in the project team!

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Funding can be granted for different types of cultural projects, if the following requirements are complied with:

  • The project must be predominantly cultural, be of student nature, and the result must address students in Leipzig.
  • The funded activities must be open to all Leipzig students.
  • Non-commercial work of the involved students and responsible financial planning of the project must be ensured.
  • The predominantly cultural character must be evident in the financing plan as well, concerning e.g. the expenses for labor, food and beverages.

Examples of projects that can be funded:

  • Exhibitions
  • Carnival events
  • Festivals
  • Film projects
  • Concerts
  • Cultural events series
  • Country-specific nights
  • Readings
  • Semester parties
  • Theater productions etc.

Work in cultural companies can be funded too.

Project-independent subsidies for student culture groups, pubs, galleries, etc. can be granted only as start-up financing and for a maximum of two semesters.

Projects in close connection to courses of studies, which serve the interests of only one or few students, are under the responsibility of a university or one of its institutions, sports projects, and such projects that pursue predominantly political or religious purposes cannot be funded.

Examples of non-fundable projects:

  • Institute or graduation celebrations
  • Faculty balls
  • Alumni projects
  • University companies
  • Discussions of political and religious issues.

As our funds must be granted for specific purposes, we can also not fund charity events.

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Applications must be filed with the Studentenwerk at the latest one month before the project starts or the event takes place, the first show or similar. Exceptions must be justified in writing. The culture committee decides on exceptions. You can submit the application on the day of the meeting of the culture committee (until it ends), if the deadline of the project is kept.

The rule for projects with major financial expenditure is: The application with the Studentenwerk should be filed within the same period, during which you look for other financing sources.

The culture committee meets only once a month, the intervals between meetings may be longer during semester breaks. The meeting dates are published on the Studentenwerk website.

The general rule is: If funding is granted, there should be enough time to refer to financial funding by Studentenwerk on all advertising materials for the funded project (see section "What else is important?" at the end of the guidelines).

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Use the form "Antrag auf Kulturförderung des Studentenwerkes Leipzig" (application for cultural funding by Studentenwerk Leipzig) to apply. You will find the form here. Enclose appendixes to the application form (see item 4).

Different events that are connected in time and/or content can be summarized in one events series and applied for by means of one form. It is important to know that you have to prepare a financial concept for the entire events series, which leads to the fact that accounting can be completed only after the last event of the series.

We cannot accept informal applications.

To make filling the form in easier, we will explain individual items in detail as follows.

Explanations on how to complete the form

1.1 Name of project group

Enter the name of the project group, association, etc.

1.2 Status

Enter whether the applicant is a group of private persons or a registered association, a StuRa work group, students representatives or similar.

1.3 Complete address of project group

Enter the complete postal address of the project group, association, etc.

1.4 Contact person of project group

The project group needs to name a contact person for the application, who the culture committee can contact if they have questions. Enter the current contact details of the assigned person.

1.5 Complete address to send the decision on cultural funding

Enter the complete postal address, to which to send the decision, if it differs from the address given in item 1.3.

2.1 Title of project

Enter the name of the event/project. If the title is not clear enough, specify the type of project.
Example: Photo exhibition "Vista" or theater production "The merchant of Venice" or concert with the band "Bluegreen" or simply "Semester opening party".

2.2 Further details

Specify in a few words, what the project is about.

2.3 Date/s

Enter the dates of the events or the entire project period.

2.4 Place/s

Enter, where the event or the project result takes place or where the project is realized. If several places exist (possibly outside of Leipzig), specify this here.

3.1 Total cost

Enter the total amount of all expenses calculated in the financing plan.

3.2 Expected ticket sales

What amount of ticket sales do you expect? Enter the amount. If you do not want to demand entrance fees, note this here. In that case, the financing plan should contain a short notice on why you abstain from demanding entrance fees.

3.2.1 Ticket prices for students/non-students

Enter the entrance fees for students and for non-students.

3.3 Own contribution

If a deficit results from the total of requested funds and the expected ticket sales compared to the planned total of expenses for the project, this must be financed by the applicants by means of their own contribution. In such a case, enter the amount of your own contribution.

3.4 Application amount

Enter the required amount of cultural funding requested from Studentenwerk! Please bear in mind that the culture committee has no fixed funding limits – the requested amount must be justified by a reasonably calculated financing plan. The culture committee reserves the right, however, to reduce the requested amount if granted.

3.5 What do you want to use the cultural funding by Studentenwerk for?

Enter, for which items of your financing plan you want to use the requested cultural funds.
Examples: Rent of technical equipment (LCD projector, sound system), print costs for advertising material, rent for location or similar

The funding terms defined by the culture committee may deviate from what you specify by them choosing other financing items, for which to use the funds.

4 Appendixes

Check each line to indicate whether the respective appendix is enclosed to the application. In the "Remarks" section, you can indicate briefly which appendixes you hand in later. You can hand in appendixes later by e-mail (to the addresses as given below). The important thing is: the committee decides only on complete applications!

Appendix "Evidence of student status of applicants"

It is obligatory to enclose this appendix! The student status of the applicants must be proven in a suitable form, i.e. most simply as an informal list of the names of the students involved in the project, indicating their matriculation number (no copies of student cards or confirmation of enrolment of only a few applicants).

Appendix "Description of activities of applicants"

You do not need to enclose this appendix necessarily. If the student group filing the application is a permanent association though, it may be helpful to explain briefly, what the group does and which purposes the group pursues with its joint work. It is sufficient to do this once every semester. For registered societies, it is sufficient to submit extracts from the articles of association once every academic year, unless the articles are changed.

Appendix "Project description"

It is obligatory to enclose this appendix! Describe the content of the project in brief and try to explain, why the described project is eligible for funding in terms of the culture funding guidelines. Try to convince the culture committee in a meaningful, but brief explanation that it is important to fund this project!

Appendix "Financing plan"

It is obligatory to enclose this appendix! Besides the details given on the form intended for initial orientation, the culture committee needs all details concerning the financial planning for project. Make sure that the plan is conclusive and contains all expenses required for the project and expected proceeds. To prepare the plan exactly protects you against financial misjudgment! List all amounts requested from other funding institutions or sponsors, noting also the status of your applications (granted, rejected, pending).

Example of items on the debit side: advertisement, rent, rental fees for technical equipment, artist salaries, expense allowances, GEMA, decoration, insurance, etc.
Example of items on the credit side (revenues): subsidies, gastronomy proceeds, ticket sales, sponsored funds, own contribution, etc.


The original application must be signed and submitted. The signatory thus guarantees the truth and completeness of the given details. We do not accept applications submitted by fax or e-mail.

5 Decision

To be completed by the culture committee!

6 Transfer of funds

Usually, we do not pay the granted funds in cash; therefore, we need the account details for bank transfer. Please bear in mind that our transfers may entail tax inspections. If the given account is the account of a private person (student), such person shall be obligated to keep all project documents safe for the purpose of possible later inspections by the tax authorities.

7 Processed by accounting

To be completed by the Studentenwerk!

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You can send the application by mail to the culture committee, file it directly at the Studenten Service Zentrum (SSZ), or put it in the mailbox of the Studentenwerk at Goethestraße 6.

Postal address:
Studentenwerk Leipzig
Postfach 100 928
04009 Leipzig

Direct filing:

  • Studenten Service Zentrum (Goethestraße 6, ground floor, counter place 5) or
  • with Angela Hölzel, room 206 (Goethestraße 6, 2nd floor).

The culture committee will discuss the application in its next meeting. The committee decides on the amount of funding and may define the purpose of the granted funds.

After the decision was made, the applicants will be informed about the decision in writing in the decision on cultural funding (Kulturbescheid), which includes the funding amount and possible terms to comply with.

If the meeting of the culture committee leaves any questions unanswered, the decision may be postponed and

The decision lists, which information is additionally needed or
A representative of the applications will be invited to the next meeting.

It is also possible that applications are rejected though.

The applicant will receive decision on cultural funding (Kulturbescheid) by mail usually one week after the meeting.

An objection can be filed against the decision within four weeks after notification in writing with the board of administration of the Studentenwerk (same postal address as above), which will then decide on the objection in the next regular meeting.

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Accounting must be effected at the latest three months after the event/project was realized. Accounting must be done face-to-face with Mrs. Grit Schräpel, head of the accounting department. For this purpose, agree an appointment in due time with Mrs. Niedenführ: hoelzel {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de (.)

A representative of the applicants, who is familiar with the accounting documents, should undertake the accounting.

Bring the following documents with you to the accounting appointment:

  • Original decision on cultural funding
  • Clearly arranged and complete final account
  • All original bills, receipts, and invoices (properly prepared)
  • A brief report in key words * containing information on the project course. Some of the issues to be included are:
    • When and where did the project take place?
    • How many visitors/participants attended, did this meet the expectations?
    • How many percent of the visitors/participants were students?
    • Did the proceeds obtained by means of entrance fees, sales, etc. meet the expectations?
    • Brief verbal evaluation of the project

*Projects that cannot be described according to this pattern must be summed up in a suitable manner.

Possibly unfulfilled requirements specified in the decision must be fulfilled when the accounting is done, we cannot pay the funds otherwise.

If you are not able to meet the accounting deadline, please inform the culture committee in writing, stating reasons and giving the new possible accounting deadline. The culture committee will decide on whether later accounting is possible and notifies the applicant in this regard. If the applicant does not file such information, the cultural funding will be forfeited.

Please contact us immediately, if you realize that you do not need the granted funds OR if the event can/could not take place.

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Cultural funding by Studentenwerk has become an important supporter of student cultural work. We want to make this known to the public. Therefore, if we grant funds, it is required to publish the cultural funding logo of Studentenwerk (Attention: Please do not use the old logo anymore, but that with the addition "Kulturförderung" (cultural funding)!) in a manner that suits the project (e.g. on advertising materials, in film credits, by verbal mentioning). Please submit copies of posters, fliers, CDs, books or similar for the record to the culture committee.

It is also important that the persons involved in the project know that the project is funded with cultural funds by Studentenwerk. Communicate the funding among each other!

The culture committee must be given the opportunity to see for itself, if necessary, how the funds are used. That means, members of the culture committee will attend events occasionally and as required.

You Made It!

We look forward to your application and hope it meets the funding requirements so that we can approve it. If you have any more questions despite the detailed information, just give us a call! If you want to come to the office, please agree an appointment by phone or by e-mail beforehand.

Any More Questions?

Angela Hoelzel

Please turn to:

Angela Hölzel

Goethestraße 6
Room: 206
+49 341 9659-620
hoelzel {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

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