We would like to remind students with child(ren) that the children's cards must be extended every semester. All cards that have not been extended will be blocked in the course of the semester and can be unlocked again on presentation of the current certificate of enrolment. In case you and your child(ren) use our Mensas with a locked children's card, the dish must be paid by yourself. Thus, please sumbit your current certificate of enrolment as soon as possible via e-mail: sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.

Mensa Children’s Card and Children’s Plates


Studentenwerk Leipzig support students with children by means of the Mensa children’s card. This card entitles children of students of Leipzig’s universities, starting from the 1st birthday until they reach the age of 10, to receive one free warm meal per day and per child at the student restaurants run by Studentenwerk Leipzig.

For the children’s dishes, Studentenwerk Leipzig provides special children’s plates at all restaurants. You can get them directly at the food counter or from the restaurant staff. Please use only these plates with the colorful motifs for the meals of your children at student restaurants.

As a prerequisite for using the children’s card, you have to purchase simultaneously one meal or at least two side dishes or a salad dish for one of the parents. When you pay, place the children’s card visibly on the counter. Salads, desserts, and the cafeteria products are not part of the services covered by the Mensa children’s card. At the Mensa am Park, the card applies only to the products offered at the booths on the ground floor.

The children’s card remains the property of Studentenwerk Leipzig and must be returned after the validity has expired. If you lose the card, please notify us promptly.

The validity of the card is limited to one semester respectively. You can apply for the extension of the card by another semester at Studentenwerk presenting your certificate of enrolment.

The card is applied for, issued, extended, returned and its loss reported at the Social counselling office of Studentenwerk Leipzig. Submit the original application by mail to Studentenwerk Leipzig, Sozialberatung, Goethestraße 6, 04109 or post it personally to the letterbox of Studentenwerk Leipzig in Goethestraße 6, labeled with the same address. Processing of the application will take 1-2 weeks. We will send you the new card(s) by post.

Extension of the card and reporting of its loss is possible by e-mail to sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.