Since Hochschule für Musik und Theater has not yet resumed lectures, our Cafeteria Dittrichring will remain closed for the time being.

With one lunch dish every day and various snacks, the team of the Cafeteria am Dittrichring takes care of the small and the big appetite of music and theater students. You can have coffee and relax very well between lectures in the large atrium.

On The Menu

  • One vegetarian/vegan lunch dish every day (on one or two days meat or fish can be added)
  • Pasta once a week offered with two sauces (one vegetarian/vegan option)
  • Varied assortment of snacks and homemade salads
  • Subs and sandwiches
  • Two different smoothies every day
  • Overnight oats
  • Hot Flaguettes Monday to Thursday
  • Cake
  • Fair trade coffee and coffee drinks
  • Fair trade tea
  • Fair trade bars
  • Assortment of drinks (Lipz, Charitea, Fritz & Viva con Agua)
  • Plastic-free chewing gums made of tree gum

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Your Local Contact

 Astrid Kober Cafeterialeiterin

Mrs. Neufert

Head of Cafeteria Dittrichring
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